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New AnswersWe changed the links so that it is no longer as easy to post entirely new answers after the first answer has been given. Instead, you're encouraged to improve the existing answer.

WikiAnswers is a wiki, instead of a bulletin board. Each answer is essentially a "living document" to be edited without mercy. We aim to grow FAQs. Ideally, each question should have one good answer. Practically, some questions have different opinions or different viewpoints to consider; in those cases a bullet list of opinions is reasonable.

(See Related question on how to edit an answer.)

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โˆ™ 2010-08-14 13:41:33
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Q: Why does WikiAnswers no longer allow you to easily post additional answers once a question has been answered?
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How can you demand answers from WikiAnswers?

You cannot demand answers from WikiAnswers on your questions. WikiAnswers does not answer your questions, it is the members of this community that answer your questions. You can request for your question to be answered but not demand for the same.

What is the best answered question on Wikianswers?

While there are many great answers, there is not a single best answered question on the site. Try viewing the Question of the Day on the homepage to see great answers.

How do you see whether anyone answers your question By email?

Questions on WikiAnswers are not answered by email. They are answered in the answer box under the question, just as this answer is under this question.

What does it mean when answers sends you and email saying If you have a new answer?

What it means is that you if you have asked a question on WikiAnswers, and someone answers it WikiAnswers will send you an email notification to let you know someone has answered your question.

Can somebody you when your questions are not being answered on WikiAnswers?

What question did you want answers to. Try again.

Does the Internet have good answers?

If you mean 'Does the Internet have better answers than WikiAnswers?', then that question depends on what type of question you are talking about. The Internet may have some better answers to questions than WikiAnswers, but I would highly recomend WikiAnswers because WikiAnswers is a Q & A site, (Questions and Answers) but the Internet is not. So if your wondering about which one is better, the answer is WikiAnswers. Hope I answered your question!

Where do you find the answers to questions on WikiAnswers?

Type the question in the ask box. When a question is answered, it appears in a separate box below.

Can you have help on homework by a teacher on WikiAnswers?

WikiAnswers cannot guarantee that your question will be answered by a teacher, but there is a possibility. It doesn't matter who answers it, as long as the answer is correct.

How would you know if someone answers?

What you do is get an account on wikianswers. By getting an account you can track the question and you will be notified if the question is answered or altered by receiving an email from wikianswers. You can then come back to the site to see your question. Join wikianswers today!

Why does WikiAnswers show already answered questions under the Unanswered section?

This happens when expert answers are written. You can add an additional answer to that too.

When is your question that you posted on WikiAnswers going to be answered?

when you post a question , you click onto "updates" then when some one answers it you will be notified in your email

Why is WikiAnswers not answerimg your questions?

WikiAnswers is a large site and there are more than 16 million questions. Your question gets answered if a contributor notices it and answers it.

How can you search a question answered by yourself on Wikianswers?

You can go to your contribution page and filter the list by action "Answers (new)". That will list all the questions you answered.

Do you know that these coin answers are wrong?

If you find a wrong answer on WikiAnswers, you are welcome to correct it. That is the way WikiAnswers works, anyone can answer a question, and anyone can change what another has answered.

What question must always be answered yes if it is to be answered correctly?

- Will you answer this question? - What is the opposite of the word "no"? - Do lazy students use WikiAnswers instead of reading their text books for the answers? (The answer to this question is not always yes. Many of the questions on WikiAnswers are legitimate questions and not just probes to answers from student assignements. The fact that the author who posted this response has many contributions to WikiAnswers indicates that he/she either is wasting their time by supplying answers to lazy students or that he/she deliberately chose to answer a question incorrectly.

How do you answer answers on WikiAnswers?

You can't answer answers on WikiAnswers, or anywhere for that matter, unless there is a question in the answer, where it would be classified as a question.

How do you find answer to question you asked?

If your question is not automatically answered, you need to wait until someone answers it.If you register and log in and click the "Get Updates" button on a question, WikiAnswers will send you an email as soon as anyone answers it.

Why doesn't WikiAnswers date the questions and answers?

Actually, when the question was asked and answered is recorded for each question. If you click on the question history, it shows the day the question was answered and when a certain contributor answered the question. It also tells when an alternate was split from the question, when something was merged into it, and much more.

Why does WikiAnswers have no answers for anything?

That is not true. WikiAnswers has answers for a bunch of stuff. Maybe the stuff you searched no one has answered yet.

Is WikiAnswers an answer-sharing site?

Yes, WikiAnswers is a website where you can ask questions and get answers to them. If you ask a question that has already been answered, you will be redirected to the answer. You can also answer questions on the website.

Are some of these answers lies?

You can not be sure that the answers on WikiAnswers are 100% right. But lots of these questions are answered by experts on their fields of interests. There are of course answers that has been answered by vandals, people who does not care that the person who asked the question needs a good answer, not nonsense answers. The Vandal Patrol on WikiAnswers plus the users who are dedicated to make WikiAnswers an excellent Q&A site are still in an on going battle fighting with these vandals.

What is you name WikiAnswers?

Its not just one person who answers the question its everyone who wants to help in WikiAnswers if that answers your question?

Can you get the answers to Algebra with Pizzazz on WikiAnswers?

Questions giving a question or page number only will not be answered. If your question is a riddle or a "daffynition" then just ask the question. Perhaps someone will answer it.

After posting a question where do you go to look for answers?

You can look in your contributions - and click on your question's page to see if has been answered.

If WikiAnswers doesn't know the answer why do you have the question posted?

Because you can't answer a question that has never been asked. Ideally, there there should only be two kinds of questions on WikiAnswers - those that have been answered, and those that will be answered. When a contributor comes across a question that hasn't been answered, and they know (or think they know) the answer, they will put it in. That is how the collection of questions and answers grows.