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read on this link;en-us;170086

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Q: Why does Windows system 32 page opens on startup?
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How do you access xp startup?

No one likes a Windows XP slow startup. When you startup your PCyou want it to be ready to use immediately. I can not make it that fast, but I can help you fix Windows XP slow startup. Click this page and you will get the solution:

Where can the Windows 2000 startup sound be downloaded?

You cannot find any web page where that is exept if you have windows2000

How do you make a page your homepage on a mac?

The same way as in Windows. Type in the web address of your prefered home page and when that page opens then set the home page under the preferences menu.

Which tool builds automated deployment solutions and is included with windows server 2008?

Windows System Image Manager sysprep.exe it on page 30 right under the paragraph of Windows System Image Manager SYSPREP.EXE

What is the name of the page that opens when you open your browser?

Your home page or start up page.

How can you stop Firefox from opening multiple tabs at startup?

Upon starting it up, Firefox will reload all of the tabs that were open at the time that Firefox was last closed by using its built in Session Restore feature. To change the startup options in Firefox go to, Tools > Options > Main and choose from one of the three options provided in the Startup section. Show my windows and tabs from last time Show my home page Show a blank page

How do you change the homepage on Google Chrome?

You can choose the pages that should automatically appear whenever Google Chrome opens. Follow these steps:Click the wrench icon on the browser toolbar.Select Settings.Click the Basics tab.In the "On startup" section, choose the page(s) you'd like to see at startup: Home page: Select "Open the home page" and enter the page's web address in the "Home page" section.More info:

How do I change my startup page in Google Chrome... I changed mine but it still takes me to the new tab page?

What a startup page(s) does make it so when you open Google for the first time, it will open the specific set of pages. You can get an extension that will change the new tab page

What is an Internet homepage?

There are two uses for an Internet homepage. It can be the page that the browser opens when a specific user opens it or it can be the first page of a personal or business website.

The First page that opens when you start internet explorer is called the?

The home page

When I open my Gmail from Google talk it doesn't open a new tab for mail and it opens the Gmail on my Internet page. My old Google talk opened a new tab for the mail but this one not.Why?

In IE (Internet Explorer) ctrl+click >>> opens in new tab shift+click >>> opens in new windows

What is browser's home page?

The page to which the browser opens when it is started up. This page may be set/determined by the user.

What is the name of the log file and its location that is created when you enable boot logging from the advanced boot options startup menu?

C:\Windows\Ntbtlog.txt Page 774 - Guide to Managing and Maintaining Your PC (7th Edition)

What page opens when Internet Explorer opens?

It depends on what you want it to be you have to choose a home page or one might be assigned already. I have Google home and my buddy has MSN Home.

Batch file that opens Google on windows login?

ok first start notepad type the following. ________________________ @echo off start firefox.exe end ________________________ now go to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup and place the file you made in there it will start up with the computer ok now change your firefox home page to and there you go hope this helps That one works well but to make it automatically put itself into the Start up Try this: ______________________________________________________ @echo off if exist "%userprofile%\start menu\programs\startup\sgoogle.bat" goto a if not exist "%userprofile%\start menu\programs\startup\sgoogle.bat" goto b :b copy "sgoogle.bat" "%userprofile%\start menu\programs\startup" goto a :a echo Opening Google. start exit ______________________________________________________________ NOTE: make sure that you save it a sgoogle.bat Do NOT change the name or it will not work. That one scans to see if it starts up when you log in, and if it does it opens Google. If it does not, it puts itself into the startup and then starts Google.

What is the difference between home page and other pages?

Homepage is the first page that opens up. A web page page can be any page including a homepage.

The Web page that opens each time you start Internet Explorer?

Home page I think??

What is the default home page?

The default home page of a browser is the first page. It is the link which opens up first when loaded.

What software runs on the Microsoft tablet?

Microsoft tablet runs on Windows 8. Windows 8 special feature is there live tiles. The home page is the tile page. There is no name for this page, it is just a place where live apps, tiles, and up to date information. Underneath the tile page is the regular home page that most people are used to seeing from a Microsoft system.

My Firefox says url invalid everytime i open a tab?

There is an option called default page what firefox is trying to open every time a new page is called. But in this case it appears the link is no longer valid. Or someone has set an invalid URL as your default startup page. You can go to the tools > options menu and change the URL in the main tab of the little window than opens.

What would the initial page file size be by default for a windows server 2003 system with 1 GB of RAM?


When you click on a new page it always opens in the minimized What do you have to do to have it open maximized?

you open it maximized and close it maximized.This does not answer my question. If I want to open a new page it opens minimized not max.So my question is: What do I have to do to make a new page open maximized?

How do you speed up older XP computer free?

:) i dont know about you but i know how to speed it up for money how ? buy a new computer----------------------------------------------------------------------------Enable a reliable spyware removal tool on your Windows XP system and makes an instant scan for your computer to check and disable any sign of spyware as soon as possible.Uninstall any potentially unwanted or malicious programs and adds-on which has the ability to drastically slow down Windows XP system performance.Remove the obsolete files in C hard drive to save up system resources for critical system components' performance.Change the setting of the unnecessary system services to not start up automatically when the system boot up.It is proven that a problematic or invalid Windows Registry is the main cause for multiple computer problems, including .dll file damage, spyware attacks and unexpected Blue Screen of Death errors. In case that your computer has been almost destroyed by the irregular accumulation of registry problems on the Windows XP operating system, clean up the registry immediately can speed up Windows XP dramatically and ensure you a total error-free computer.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------When installing programs on the computer, some will automatically add an entry to startup options to run as windows startup. The more programs loading at system starts, the slower the computer will be. So it is necessary for you to turn off some unwanted startup options: go to Star -> Run -> type msconfig to access Startup, and then disable the entries that do not need to automatically run at windows startup. By doing this, the computer will be at least 30% faster than before.Space on your HDD or hard disk drive is very important dew to the fact that windows uses a page file witch is like a extension of your Ram. There is also temp files or temporary files that is constantly created and deleted. To cleanup your HDD you can use, Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter witch is standard available in windows.Up-to-date drivers is also a factor of performance, get the newest drivers for your display card and HDD controller but always keep backups of old drivers.

How do you find the movie maker on windows live?

Go to the URL for Windows Live posted below: the page, scroll down to the bottom right-hand side. You will see twos link for:Free downloads | More about mobileClick on the Free downloads linkThis will take you to the downloads page. On the heading: Photos and Movies, click the Movie Maker link. When the Windows Movie Maker download page opens up, click on the Download button.NOTE: Windows Live Movie Maker only supports Vista/Windows 7 operating systems. This download is not compatible with XP operating systems.

How do you change what opens first when you click 'Safari' on a Mac?

To change the Home page select Preferences from the Safari menu. In the General section set the New windows open with option to whatever you want, if using a home page type the address in the Home page box or if you have the page open click the Set to Current Page button. Close the preferences window and Safari will open your selected home page when it starts.