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Why does a 1993 Geo Storm automatic shift lever move freely but the transmission does not shift into any gears?


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2015-07-17 17:44:51
2015-07-17 17:44:51

You may want to check your shifter cables to see if they are operating correctly. Turn on the igniton(but DO NOT start) and have someone shift the car, You'll need to have the hood open and watch the shift lever on top of the trans-axle. If it moves while your helper shifts then you might need to get your transaxle rebuilt if it barely moves or doesn't move at all then you need to replace the cables.


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You can't shift gears on an automatic transmission because, as it is called, it's automatic! You don't need to shift, it does it for you. == == Maybe the question should be "Why is my automatic transmission not shifting through gears for me as it should?" Could it be a fairly simlpe fix or am I losing my transmission? Yeah Dopey!

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An automatic transmission is a type of car transmission that shifts gears on its own. Therefore, cars with automatic transmissions will not have a clutch pedal and will have a selector lever as opposed to a shift knob.

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When driving a car with an automatic transmission up a steep hill it is not necessary to shift gears. The car will do that on its own when necessary.

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Did you use the right transmission fluid or did you forget to maintain your transmission otherwise, your gears are broken and needed to be replaced.. chances are you need a new transmission.

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An automatic transmission is a mechanical transmission which shifts gears automatically in response to speed and/or load rather than requiring someone to do so manually.

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