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It could be thermostat, radiator or water pump.

AnswerBad or no thermostat, bad water pump, plugged radiator, plugged water jacket, loose fan belt, bad clutch fan, radiator too small for application.

Also try bleeding the coolant system of air.

is the coolant fan electric or manual?

What make and model vehicle is this 305 in?

if its a 3rd gen firebird or camaro, check for blockage between the condenser and radiator

[air blockage] leaves and junk get trapped in between the two pieces. flush out with water hose or air pressure. good luck


I had a 305 that had a thermostat stuck completely open, it overheated because the coolant went through the radiator so fast it didnt get cooled off. For like $20 its a good first step.

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Q: Why does a 305 engine always over heat the coolant is NOT leaking?
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Why is Water is coming into the car and overheating?

If you mean engine coolant is getting into the car, the heater core is leaking coolant causing the coolant level to drop and that causes the engine to over heat.

What does it mean when coolant is leaking from the car?

If coolant is leaking from a car it means that your radiator has a hole in it. If this is not fixed the car will over heat.

Is it safe to drive your car if engine coolant has leaked out?

It will be safe to drive short distance as long as the car does not over heat. You can top up the engine coolant or use water/coolant mixture till you fix the problem which could be leaking hose pipe. leaking radiator or faulty radiator cap

What does the cooling system do within an engine?

It cycles coolant through the engine. Heat from the engine is transferred to the coolant through a heat exchange. The heated coolant then cycles through the system to the radiator, where heat from the coolant undergoes another heat exchange, transferring heat from the coolant to the air which passes through the radiator. Heat will also transfer from the motor to the air forced over the motor by the engine fan.

Why do you get a glaze flim on the inside windshield when heat is on?

The heater core is leaking coolant.

Where is the heat regulator in your Ford Escort?

Actually, the heat regulator for the engine is the thermostat. It closes off the coolant when the engine is cold and circulates more coolant when the engine is hot.

Why would your 92 acura integra be leaking on your passenger side floor board?

There is a good chance that the heater core has rusted out. This is a little radiator inside the passenger compartment for transferring heat from the engine coolant to the air in the cabin. Always fun to replace.

Do block heaters and coolant heaters work the same?

yes in a way. block heaters heat the coolant in the block there for warming the block up. coolant heaters heat the coolant out side the engine like in the hoses and radiater. and when the coolant gets hot enough it opens the thermosate and starts flowing through the engine..The coolant heater should be hooked into the engine so that it heats only the engine and the heater core. If the coolant heater is trying to heat the radiator then it will not work very well to heat the engine, you would need a lot of BTUs to heat the radiator as it will shed all that heat to the air that is surrounding it.

How does the engine coolant does this work?

When the engine heats up to a certain temperature, the thermostat opens up and lets the coolant flow through the engine. Heat from the engine is absorbed by the coolant, which then cycles back to the radiator. Heat from the coolant is exchanged to the air which flows through the radiator fins, thus causing the coolant to rapidly cool down.

Why is coolant leaking out of the rear of 2004 Kia Sedona?

The rear cabin heater uses coolant lines that run to a heat exchanger in the rear.

Why would a car leak antifreeze only when the heat is on inside the car but doesn't leak when the heat isn't on?

The heater in a car is a little radiator under the dashboard. It's called the heater core. There's a valve in the water system that sends hot coolant into the heater core when you turn on the heat, and keeps the coolant in the engine when you don't want heat. If the car is leaking antifreeze when the heat is on but not when it's off, something in the heater system has a hole in it. Because there's always coolant in the heater core and the hoses that feed it, my first thought is the valve itself is bad.

Why is your coolant leaking from the top of the tank if the tank is to the line and why is it not going down?

Perhaps the coolant was overfilled. It will expand because of heat or pressure and the excess makes it way to the coolant refill tank. Make sure your coolant doesn't have oil in it. In a worst case scenario you could have a faulty head gasket or engine damage that allows engine oil to seep into the coolant. But if you don't see oil in the coolant, then just drain some off.

Why does your 2001 caravan put out heat spurratically?

Check to verify the coolant level is full. If the vehicle has a engine coolant temperature guage, does it reach and maintain a normal temperature duing vehicle operation? If not have a mechanic check for a leaking head gasket.

How do you know if the thermostat is bad or if a hose is leaking in a 96 Grand Am?

If the thermostat is faulty and always open, the engine will not heat up to operating temperature. If it is stuck closed, your engine will overheat. Check to see if the hose is leaking around the clamps at each end. Tighten the clamps. If the hose has a hole or break, it will be spraying coolant everywhere. Drain the system, replace the hose and refill the cooling system.

Is an engine coolant leak bad?

Yes, If to much leaks out this will cause the engine to over heat, smoke and or stall hence the name engine COOLant :)

2002 Chevy Venture no heat unless driving?

Perhaps low coolant level This is true, but why???? It's the first sign of a bad intake manifold gasket. Coolant leaking into the oil chambers of your van and into the oil. If this doesn't get fix for about $700, the oil will break down because of the coolant and then the internal parts of your engine will break. New Engine!!!

What does it mean if your car overheats with the heat on?

You could be leaking coolant, your blower fan might not be working, etc.

Why do your car overheat when you cut the heat off?

There is something wrong with your radiator that it is not cooling your engine coolant. The heater has a little rad in it that sends heat to the cabin and thereby cooling the engine coolant also. If you stop the heat then your engine returns to overheating. Get this fixed or engine replacement will be in your future.

How heat is lost from the engine?

By the way of using coolant oil......................

Why no heat elantra?

Check the engine coolant level. My 2004 would blow cold at a stop light, then warm by the next light. The top radiator hose was leaking causing the level to be low.

What does the thermostat on a car do?

The thermostat in a car regulates the coolant temperature inside the engine. When the engine is cold, the thermostat is closed, allowing the heat from the combustion chamber to heat the fluid (coolant) in the coolant galleys in the engine block. Once the engine reaches an optimal temperature, the thermostat opens, allowing coolant to flow through the radiator. The thermostat then controls the flow of coolant to hold the engine at its optimum operating temperature, irrespective of engine load and operating condtions.

Why coolant leaks when engine is off but heat wont work when engine running?

The heat is not working because you are very low on coolant, probably because of the leak. Seems to me that it should leak worse when it is running, so I am going to assume you are talking about the coolant overflowing the reservoir, in which case goes back to you being low on coolant and the engine boiling the coolant.

Engine is overheating and you have no heat in 1994 Mazda 626?

Too little coolant, or a plugged coolant line.

What does the car heater core do?

heat It transfers engine heat from the coolant to the air inside the car.

What do it mean my 1999 grand marquis leaking water under the passenger side and running hot?

Sounds like the heater core is leaking. If confirmed, it will have to be changed. In the meantime, make sure the coolant/rad. is topped up. You really don't want to over heat the engine.