Why does a Chevy 350 backfire at high RPM?

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2009-12-13 08:50:19

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AnswerYou don't say what ignition if points could be gap setting.

If HEI, pull dist cap off pull rotor, turn it over and see if there is a a black burn mark on bottom if there is the rotor is bad.

Also if carburated the carb could be going bad and backfire can be caused by lean burn , ( not enough fuel)

could be sticky valve, or wrong valve clearance, broken valve spring

You might also lubricate the centrifugal advance counter weight pins, use a small amount of white lubricate on the pins, make sure that the pins are not worn, check for sticking.

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2009-12-13 08:50:19
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Q: Why does a Chevy 350 backfire at high RPM?
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Why does your 350 backfire at high RPM?

backfiring is a sympton of a lean condition. look for vacuum leaks and fuel delivery problems.

What is max rpm on Chevy 350?

6000 rpm

Why does my 1979 350 Chevy engine backfire through the carburetor above 3000 rpm?

The valve timing is offAnswersounds like a possible worn camshaft lobe. a fairly common problem on late 70's Chevy small blocks

Idle RPM for 350 Chevy engine?

800 rpms.

What is normal idle for 1995 Chevy TBI 350 automatic?

750 RPM

What RPM timing be set at on 350 Chevy 1974 engine?

Rpm needs to be set at 800 - 900 .. that is factory setting.

Chevy 350 timing specs?

I belive it is 4 degrees advanced at 500 rpm

What is the idle RPM for a standard trans 69 Chevy 350?

an idle rpm for a 350 stadard trans. is about 500 rpms. an auto is about 750 rpms. this is if the eng. has a stock cam. if not it may vary

What is the proper idle speed for a 1971 350 Chevy small block?

Standard transmision, 750 rpm. Automatic transmission, 600 rpm in drive.

What is the idle on a 1992 Chevy truck with a 350?

1500 at first until it kicks down to 850 rpm

What is the torque specifications for Chevy 350 engine?

The Chevy 350 is a V8 5.7 L engines which yields the horsepower of 200 @ 4000 RPM and torque is 310 ft/lbs @ 2400 RPM. It has designed by General Motors and started manufactured by 1968 until now with enhancing its power time to time. To know more about Chevy 350 and its complete description you can go through I refer this page for gaining information for my Chevy 350

How fast is the 350 engine on a 1985 Chevy?

The practical limit is 6500 rpm. Above that and you risk parts failure.

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