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because they need to be fast to catch their prey
to help them run faster

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What is the function of a cheetahs long powerful legs?

Cheetahs' long powerful legs and a very supply spine, allows the cheetah to be the fastest animal over a short distance.

Why does the cheetah have long powerful legs?

So that it can run faster and catch its prey or retreat.

What animals with powerful legs for chasing animals?


What is the function of long and powerful legs of cheetah?

so they can run fast by the way they aree the fastest animal

What is a physical feature a cheetah has?

powerful back legs and huge muscles

What do the cheetahs use their long powerful legs for?

They use their long powerful legs to run faster and to sneak up on their prey.

Is with legs of a cheetah a metaphor?

Not exactly but With legs LIKE a cheetah is.

Why does the cheetah have long legs which are very strong?

The cheetah is a predator and must run down and catch its prey. Long, strong legs are an adaptation to this lifestyle, enabling it to run extremely fast in short bursts.

Which animal has long and powerful legs?

a cheaer

Why does a leopard have long powerful legs?

leopards have long and powerful legs to kill their prey,to climb the trees,to run to chase their prey and to kill the enemies.

Why do a cheetah have long legs?

A: because it want run faster to catch prey.

Is a cheetah the fastest animal on four legs?

Yes, a cheetah is the fastest animal of four legs.

Why cheetahs have long powerful legs?

it helps with the speed.

Does a cheetah have large molars large ears exellent vision very small canine teeth and powerful legs?

Yes cheetahs have large molars, large ears, excellent vision, very small canine teeth and powerful legs.

Why do tigers have long powerful legs?

soo they can cach there prey

Is the cheetah the fastest runner on four legs in the world?

Yes, the cheetah is the fastest runner on four legs in the world.

How does a cheetah walk?

With four legs

Why is the cheetah so fast?

it is fast because it has long long legs and it eats so it gets energy so it gets fast

Appendages arm and legs described and identified by a cheetah?

arms and legs

What has long powerful legs and how do they use them?

A cheta and they use them to chase their animals that they eat

How do ostrich moves?

Ostrich move on long powerful legs, as they can't fly.

Why can the cheetah run very fast?

Cheetah can run faster because it has long legs... Cheetahs can run 70 miles per hour but short distance to catch the prey..

What do the legs do for a cheetah?

It makes it easier for them to run and they can run faster with long legs then short legs because with long legs you can stretch them out farther and short you cant stretch them out hardly at all. they wouldn't be able to catch there pray so they would die cause they did not eat.

What do a cheetah and a spider have in common?

they both have legs

What is the fastest animal on four legs?

The cheetah is the fastest animal on four legs.

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