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Actually, in my years as a computer technician I found that about 9 times out of 10 it is associated somehow with overheating. Many times just giving your CPU heat sink a good cleaning will remedy the problem. That being said, the answers below could also be your culprit.

It could be a registry error in your system, so do a registry repair scan with Intel software partner Reg In Out registry cleaner.

NOTE: Registry errors normally cause crashes, NOT spontaneous reboots.

Can be the Power supply faulty memory because Ive just fixed a PC that had this problem after diagnosing it and working with it for 10hoursNOTE: Though it could possibly be the power supply, they more are more generally associated with crashes, hangs, and/or premature hardware failure rather than spontaneous reboots.
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Q: Why does a computer restart itself?
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Why does a computer restarts by itself?

It Doesn't restart By Itself... It Justs Downloads Files Sometimes so it needs to restart.

How do you reinstall a computer driver?

Just UninstallAnd Restart Your Computer And It Will Install By Itself.

Why does your computer running WinXP Pro restart itself every time you shutdown?

causes: .You have "automatically restart" selected.

Why does your computer restart itself when you use Google Chrome?

cause its probs got a virus

Do you need to restart your computer to download iTunes?

You do not need to restart your computer to download iTunes but you may be prompted to restart after you have installed it.

What is the best way to restart your computer?

click restart Or you could turn your computer off then on again. That's what I do when my restart button doesn't work!!

How do you restart a playstation portable?

to restart a PSP you have to.... attach it to your computer... then delete the files or restart it from there

When i download youtube2dvd do i have to restart my computer my computer?


Why do the computer restart after 5 minute when the Windows is installed?

Why do the computer restart after 5 minute when the windows is installed?

When you turned off your computer then its does not turned off but its restart why?

maybe you are accidently hitting restart or you have you computer programed to do that.

How do you restart computer from cmd command?

To restart your computer from the cmd command prompt type 'shutdown /r'.

Why does your computer shut off by itself?

On Mac: if your computer reaches a certain temperature, it will shut off by itself because of Apple's safety feature. On Windows: if you have selected the option to automatically shut down your computer after a period of inactivity, it will shut itself down. Other cases might be an auto restart from a software.

What is three finger salute used to restart a computer?

ctrl alt and delete to hard restart you computer also note its not good for a computer to do this

How do you virus without antivirus?

widget restart bu ten using the my computer restart agent restart

What computer data information is not lost on an operating system restart action?

If you've set your computer to remember your login information on start up, then your computer will not lose your special code upon a restart. No matter how you restart it.

How do you restart your PC?

ClickStartShut Down ComputerPress "restart"

Why does computer restart by?

to get rid of the risk of computer getting freezed.

What do you do if a computer freezes?

you just restart it.

How do you re boot a computer?

restart it

How do restart your Kindle on the computer?


What happens if you restart your computer?


How do you check to make sure your registry was restored?

A good way to check to make sure the computer registry was restored is to restart the computer. If the registry was restored, the computer will restart with no problems. If the computer shows a screen that offers the user a choice of options like restart normally or restart in safe mode, there could be a problem in the registry that the computer needs to fix before restarting.

Plug ipod in to computer and computer freezes?

Leave the iPod plugged on the computer, restart your computer.

Is log off and restart same?

No, restart will completely switch off the computer and turn it on again. When you log off, the computer remains switched on.

After installing the game your computer is restarting itself?

I'm not sure if I understand the question completely, but you should restart your computer when you install anything. It makes the installation take effect and your game should prompt you to do so.