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as a survival mechanism, it's unprotected now and it feels safe by hiding

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Why does crayfish hide after it molts?

so they can hide from prey

Why does the crayfish hide after it molts?

because it has no protection left.

Why does a crayfish hide after it molts?

After it molts, a crayfish needs some time to grow a new and larger shell. During this time it has no shell to protect it from attack, therefore it hides.

Why does a crayfish hide after it molts its exoskeleton?

After shedding its exoskeleton, a crayfish hides because it becomes vulnerable to injury and attacks from predators. The crayfish sheds its exoskeleton when it needs to grow. It can take two to three days for a crayfish to re-grow a new and larger one.

What do you do after your crayfish molts?

Just remove what the crawfish molted from the habitat. I am an owner of 5 crayfish. :) Gotta luv em.

What do you do when your crayfish molts?

leave where the crayfish is dark as much as possible the reduce stress and leave its sheaded exoskeleton in there for about a week it will eat it for nutrients

Do crayfish hide from their prator's?

they hide under rocks so they can hide from predictor's like humans.

Where do crayfish hide?

Under rocks in lakes or streams.

What do crayfish like to do?

crayfish are fairly shy and may attempt to hide under leaves or rocks. That's what they mostly do!

Why and How do you cut crayfish claws?

Cut the moving "thumb" part of the claw with a pair of scissors to prevent them from eating and or harming your fish. It will grow back after one or two molts and you will have to do it again

How do crayfish protect it self?

crayfish protct there self they hide in the sand and they have a hard shell and claws so most animals don't mess with them because there to difficult to eat

What insect molts after gaining wings?

A butterfly molts after gaining wings.

Can shrimp crabs and crayfish live together?


Do cardinals molt?

Yes! Every bird molts. If it's a bird, it molts.

Why is it easy for animals to eat crayfish right after it has molted?

When it molts, it basically takes off its shell and has to wait until a new one grows. In the meanwhile, it doesn't have a shell, meaning that it's soft and easier to eat.

How is the grasshopper more advanced than the crayfish?

A greater protection of body parts and to growth stages is a way that the grasshopper is more advanced than the crayfish. The crustacean and the insect in question rely upon compound eyes even though the former's set is more vulnerable at the end of stalks. Crayfish eggs must be fertilized externally, instead of internally, and their hatching signifies a lifetime of molts that in comparison end for grasshoppers with maturity.

How do you raise crayfish?

put it in a tank with some water and sand. feed it everyday one/ twice a day. my crayfish liked corn and i gave him one piece of corn. i also made sure it had a place to hide.

Why do crayfish hide after it sheds its exoskeleton?

The outer covering of a crayfish is it's protection. You may notice that the shell is very hard. This protects it from preditors, that is the reason it hides, to keep itself hidden from pretitores who might attack.

How does a crayfish molt?

A crayfish molts by bending its body and quickly shoving its head out of a cut in the back of its old exoskeleton.

What does a reptile do when it molts?

it sheds skin

What does a snake do when it molts?

It sheds its skin.

What is the grasshopper nymph stage?

it molts

What are facts about the fiddler crab?

it molts .

How is the exoskeleton on a crayfish an adaptive advantage?

The exoskeleton on the crayfish is an adaptive advantage because it gives the crayfish support and protection. Unlike humans who have an internal skeleton, the exoskeleton protects the crayfish from its predators. In the case of support, the crayfish's ligament and muscles attach to the exoskeleton, which provides a structure for its internal organs and muscles. The internal skeleton, which provides support, does not provide the same protections as an exoskeleton; however, the exoskeleton also has its disadvantages such as molting. When the crayfish molts, it takes all the calcium out of its previous exoskeleton and holds it in two pockets in its head. The crayfish then flexes its posterior and pushes all the blood toward its anterior, cracking the shell. After climbing out, the crayfish is totally vulnerable to predators because it takes a couple days for the new exoskeleton, which has already developed but is thin and weak, to harden. The calcium stored from the old exoskeleton helps the new one harden, but it still takes a while.

What is a bird doing when it molts?

Replacing its feathers