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I am sure your trans level is fine this is very normal problem with 46re transmission cold weather equals thick oil which makes higher pressure, until warmed up then pressure decreases, no noise its a valve body issue there is no real fix and there is no real problem either

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โˆ™ 2009-01-30 01:15:30
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Q: Why does a dodge transmission whine when cold and in reverse?
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Why doesn't My dodge Ram move in reverse in the cold?

You have it in Drive

What would cause a high pitch whine in a Dodge Dakota only when the weather is cold?

A high-pitched whine in a Dodge Dakota only when the weather is cold might be a normal thing. When the weather gets cold, the belts, starter and alternator need time to warm up. Try a little drop of dish soap on the fan belt to see if this helps quiet the whining.

Why does your 1992 legacy only goes in reverse when its cold at first start up?

you should think about getting your transmission fixed

My 99 infiniti g20 engine to stall when engine is cold during take off in drive or reverse.?

Change your transmission oil it happen to me . And have your mechanic check the transmission you might have metal shavings in the transmission which is really bad.

Why would a 1989 Honda Civic DX 1.t automatic make a clunk when put in reverse if it is cold but work OK when warmed up?

The fluid is thicker when cold so you get a harsher engagement when you put it in reverse. Also, part of that problem is that the transmission is wearing out but it's highly unlikely that you need a rebuild very soon. Check the transmission mount to make sure it's not broken because if it is, it'll torque upwards and bang when it's put in reverse. You can check that by putting it in reverse with your foot on the brake and tapping the gas pedal.

In your 96 dodge ram van when cold transmission doesn't shift properly and sometimes stalls?

If it is a transmission problem- First step would be to change trans. fluid and filter If it is a transmission problem- First step would be to change trans. fluid and filter

What is the mode of transmission of the common cold?

Its transmission is direct.

Transmission on your dodge ram is slow to engage when it is cold?

There is a service bulletin out on this problem (NUMBER: 21-015-05, GROUP: Transmission, DATE: September 01, 2005). It seems that fluid will drain from the torque converter after the vehicle sets awhile causing the slow to engage problem. According to Dodge, while it causes customer concern, it is not detrimental to the transmission. There is a new version of a transmission cooler filter which when installed mitigates the problem.

What are signs of trans filter needing to be changed in 87 700r4 trans?

Normally if a transmission filter becomes clogged the pump will whine and usually the transmission will slip and possibly quit pulling after it gets full operating temp. When cold normally the transmission will pull fine and the pump will not whine as loud if it whines at all. The bad is that if the filter is stopped up damage has usually already been done and the debris is usually clutch material or metal. If I owned a auto with a 700R4 the first thing I would do is install a cooler and service the transmission. They have a overheating problem from the factory and that is why they have a locking dipstick and usually a rubber hose added to the vent on top of the transmission diverting the fluid away from the exhaust.

Why does my 1996 dodge 2500 wine in revers when it is cold?

This was on a factory bullitin the mechanic told me, it is a valve in the transmission that needs replacing, easy and cheap to do. My 97 ram did the same thing.

Do I check the transmission when hot or cold?

You check the transmission fluid when its hot

When your 1985 Chevy van gets warm you lose reverse and drive but when its cold it drives fine. any Ideas?

Well if you have checked the transmission fluid levels when its cold and warm, and they are good, then you might want to get the fluid changed and have the transmission ajusted... assuming its an automatic, if its a manual, then it might be the throwout bearing, but i dont know why the temp would affect that.

Transmission fluid shows full when cold but low when hot?

Transmission fluid will show full when it is cold, but low when it is hot if it is low on fluid. Transmission fluid has to be checked when the car is warm.

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Why would a 96 1.8L automatic transmission Corolla excessively vibrate when the car is in drive or reverse particularly when it is cold but not when in neutral.?

Most likely issue is a motor mount collapsed. The second most likely is a misfire.

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2001 dodge 2500 cummins will not go when it is cold?

How cold is it. Most diesel engine do not responed properly when the engine and fuel is cold.

Does a 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 have a cold start injector?


1990 buick century transmission not shifting when warm but works well when cold. transmission was overfilled and fluid was bubbling. Flushing didn't fix the problem.?

If the 1990 Buick Century transmission is only shifting well when it is cold, you have to rebuild this transmission. It is likely that the clutch packs or clutches in the transmission are damaged or worn.?æ

What could be wrong when 1999 Dodge stratus ES is cold and the transmission does not go into gear either reverse or forward until it warms up?

Well check the fluid.It maybe low you have to have the car running when checking it.It low top it off and see what happens. change fluid and filter. filter gets clogged when debris settles and blocks fluid from transfer. if left alone it will take tranny out

Drain transmission fluid cold or hot?

No real difference

What would cause a five speed manual transmission to shift hard in cold temperatures?

Oil is cold and thick due to ambient temperature as transmission heats up oil thins out

What could cause a loud belt whine when starting the engine of a Lexus RX 300?

Sounds like the belt is loose. Another possibility is that your water pump is going bad. Sometimes when they set ovrnght for instance it will start to "freez" up a little due to the bearings inside going bad. Hope this helps. It is just impossible to say w/o personally seeing it. There is a problem with the RX300 transmission, when it begins to fail, it will whine when started cold and the sound will decrease as the car warms. It is often confused with another part, but within a short timeframe of days to weeks, the transmission will stop shifting properly, to completely failing.