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Why does a epiphone stratocaster keep going in and out of sound when the volume knob is touched?



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Could be a number of things... 1) Go to you local Maplins, Radio Shack etc. and ask for a can of 'switch cleaner'. Remove the plastic knob from the splined shaft, unscrew the scratchplate from the guitar body, and spray the switch cleaner at and into the volume control pot. Wait a few minutes, then rotate the control from full to minimum several times, then see if that has cured the problem. If this doesn't work then... 2) You may have a 'dry' solder joint on the volume pot; It will need re-soldering. Get an expert to do it, unless you REALLY know what you're doing. or 3) The volume control needs replacing. Again, a job for an expert, or VERY good DIY'er. Hope this helps, phil