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Rock flour, or glacial flour, consists of clay-sized particles of rock, generated by glacial erosion or by artificial grinding to a similar size. Because the material is very small, it is suspended in river water making the water appear cloudy. If the river flows into a glacial lake, the lake may appear turquoise in color as a result. Examples of this are Lake Louise and Peyto Lake in Canada and Gjende lake in Norway. [edit]Formation Natural rock flour is typically formed during glacial migration, where the glacier grinds against rock beneath it, but is also produced by freeze thaw, where the act of water freezing and expanding in cracks helps break up rock formations. Although clay-sized, its particles are not clay minerals but typically ground up quartz and feldspar. Rock flour is carried out from the system via meltwater streams, where the particles travel in suspension. Rock flour particles can travel great distances either suspended in water or by the wind, in the latter case forming deposits called loess. EXTRACT from Wikipedia under ROCK FLOUR definition.

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No lakes in the world have saltwater and fresh water because if salt water entered a fresh water lake, the fresh water would turn into salt waterRead more: What_lake_has_both_salt_water_and_freshwater

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green as most lakes and rivers are fresh water, so neutral.

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The fresh water will turn salty... :L Derr,

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From erosion

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Later in summer, South Dakota usually does not get much rain, so the water in the lakes do not get 'stirred' or have fresh water added so that fresh oxygen does not get mixed into the water. Then, the phosphorus in the sediments at the bottom of the lake are released, causing algae to grow. It is this algae growth that makes the lakes "turn green".

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You can sometimes it works not always .

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A river does not turn over like a lake does. This is because water in a river is constantly moving, unlike water in a lake. +++ Not sure what you mean, but if by turnover you mean flow, both turn their water over. With very few exceptions (in deserts, and including the Dead Sea), the water flows into a lake and out of the downstream end. You don't notice it except at the inlet(s) or outlet river because the flow is spread so slowed down over a very wide area.

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Well a man named Dean Kamen (the founder of deka) has made a machine that can turn salt water to fresh water

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Yes, it does. When the water evaporates, it can not take the salt with it, so if you left a glass of salt water out, when it is evaporated the salt will be on the glass.

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Maybe you used fresh coconut (which holds a lot of water)?

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No you don't need a tank to simply pump water from a lake. You would only need a tank if your using a pressure switch to turn the pump on and off.

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