Why does a garage door remote open the door successfully but when you try to close the door the remote does not work and the door must be closed using the wall control in the garage?

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Most garage door opener manufacturers adhered to new federal guidlines imposed buy the government in the early 90's to include 2 safety devices in each opener to avoid crushing injuries. Most of them use photo eyes you might notice mounted towards the bottom 6 inches of the track that the garage door rides in, ( near the floor on either side of the door). These are used to detect if there may be an obstruction in the path of a CLOSING door. IF these photo eyes cannot see each other (the beam of infra-red light between them is interupted), the opener is programmed to allow the door to close as long as someone push and holds the wall button in throughout the downward travel of the door. This forces an individual to observe the downward movement of the door, thus, hopefully preventing an injury or property damage. Usually these photo eyes will have small LED lights on them. IF both LED lights are on, this means the photo eyes can see each other, if not, try adjusting or bending the brackets until they are lined up and lights can be seen on each photo eye. This is a very common problem. It sometimes only takes a slight bump to knock them out of alignment. If this doesn't work, make sure the wiring from the photo eyes up to the opener is in tact and connected securely. Don't worry about a shock, most openers use low voltage for this system.

Answer2 A hit it right on the head. but if somehow that still does not help, sometimes check to see the sensors are not dirty or sometimes have spider webs, that also causes a problem.

These are both correct you will also have some of them having problems during the day but not at night most of the time this is caused by the sunlight shining in on the receving side. Easy fix is to swap the sensors
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How do you program the remote garage door opener in a 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse sunvisor?

Detail Instructions from the owner's manual 1. Turn off engine 2. Prepare transmitter by erasing all three of the factory default channels by holding down the two outside buttons until the red light begins to flash. Release both buttons. 3. Hold the end of your hand-held transmitter (garage door re ( Full Answer )

Why does a garage door opener with or without the door hooked open only a foot or two and then stop and does the same if the door is open and you try to close it?

Answer 1 I am not a garage door opener technician, only a user for many years. The following answer is based on my experience, and hopefully will be replaced or improved by a professional. Many garage door opener manufacturers, in order to make their product SAFER, have added a circuit in the mo ( Full Answer )

How do you program remote garage door button in 2001 Chevy Tahoe to open garage door?

How to program remote garage door opene Your owner's manual has complete instructions on how to do this. But, it requires that you have the remote opener provided by the garage door company. On my Buick, you just hold the button on the car's opener and the remote at the same time. The car's opener ( Full Answer )

Why does a garage door remote open but not close the garage door?

If the Garage Door can be closed with the wired wall switchand not the wireless transmitter then the problem has to do withthe safety sensor circuit. It could be as simple as something inthe way blocking the beam or as complicated as a random compressionshort in the wiring behind a wall. Simple de ( Full Answer )

How do you program a remote garage door button in 1999 Chevy Tahoe to open garage door?

It can be tricky, first off the instructions can change depending on brand and model of your garage door opener, but try this. . First off locate your Learn/Smart button on your opener, if you have a Chamberlain, Sears, LiftMaster it will most likely be on the back of the unit or the right han ( Full Answer )

How do you program the remote garage door opener in a 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse sunvisor?

Detail Instructions from the owner's manual . 1. Turn off engine. 2. Prepare transmitter by erasing all three of the factory default channels by holding down the two outside buttons until the red light begins to flash. Release both buttons.. 3. Hold the end of your hand-held transmitter (garage ( Full Answer )

WHY My garage door opens but does not close?

Check your safety sensors. Most likely they are out of balance. You should have a steady burning light on them. If not, slowly move them to the direction of the other safety sensor. That should take care of it.

How does a garage door opener work?

A garage door opener works by using a small, electric motor to lifta rolling door assembly. The motor uses a chain or series of gearsto control the opening and closing of the door.

How do you change battery in sears garage door opener remote?

If the remote is rectangular (approx 1 3/4" X 3") with 1 large button and 2 small round buttons, insert a screwdriver in the slot in the bottom end of the remote at each corner and gently twist. The unit will pop open. Be sure an plase the new battery plus side down.

Why will my garage door opener not open with remote?

If the garage door opener worked ok the last time you used it, maybe the battery inside the remote has just gone flat and needs to be replaced?. . Also, make sure the two are compatible. If either one is new, you have to make sure they code the same (dip switch or rolling) and that they transmit on ( Full Answer )

How do you program remote opener for challenger garage door opener?

To program the Challenger garage door opener, simply follow theinstructions in the manual. If you do not have the manual, all youneed to do is press one of the three buttons on the remote controluntil the infrared light turns on. This will let you know whichbutton is compatible with your garage door ( Full Answer )

How do you program remote garage door button in 2007 Chevy Avalanche to open garage door?

Ok....I have a Avalanche 2005 and I think the programing are the same. To program your Avalanche Universal Garage Door opener please follow this steps.. 1. First, turn your vehicle's ignition switch to the second or accessory position.. 2. Press and hold the first and third buttons at the same tim ( Full Answer )

Why Garage door opener not closing?

If you have a garage door that opens and closes electronically, then check the side of your garage closest to the door for sensors that would be on both sides of the door. If the sun is still out, and shining into the sensors, that may be why. To fix this, stand outside your garage, and arrange your ( Full Answer )

Why should you want a garage door remote?

A garage door remote comes in handy for opening a garage withoutgetting out of your car. This may save you from getting wet orsnowed on. You can buy one for your car at most home improvementstores.

Use 2 wireless remote garage door openers for the same door?

\nYour wording is a little rough but I think you're asking if you can use 2 different openers on the same door, and the answer is yes. In most cases, there will be a way to program the openers, but sometimes you have to program the receiver on the door. There are a set of small switches inside the c ( Full Answer )

How do you reprogram a garage door remote?

Depends on the remote (either dip switch or rolling code). If dip switch, change the sequence on the remote and receiver, if rolling could it varies per brand. Try http://www.clickerdepot.com if you want to just buy a new one.

Why does your garage door keep opening and closing?

mine did that sometimes and i found out that my house was in line with a flight path to an airport 30 miles away that was used once in awhile. changed the codes in my remote and the overhead motor and haven't had a problem since.

Why does a garage door remote or the wall unit not open or close the garage door?

if your door wont close then i would look at the "eyes" but if it wont open or close check the wires take it wall unit off and make sure the wires are hooked up. I just learned a costly lesson and that you need to check the power. Are your red beams lit up? Check your trip switch. That's a $60 les ( Full Answer )

Remote does not open garage door?

You have to make sure that the remote you are using is compatible with the garage door opener receiver, and that they are programmed to work with each other. Before I write everything here.. go to http://www.clickerdepot.com/page.php?page=help.. and scroll down to the instructions on how to select t ( Full Answer )

Garage door opener makes noise when opening or closing?

Check out this link to my garage door blog. Sometimes doors/openers make noise because they need to be lubricated. This article deals with how to select proper garage door lubricant, and how to apply it.

What would cause the garage door remotes in your condo association to open and close one condos garage door and not work on their own for a period of about 5 hours then back to normal?

You do not state whether this is a regular occurrence, or whether now, everything is back to normal. You can ask your preventative maintenance staff to work with the remotes to verify that they both use the appropriate codes, that the batteries are sufficient to operate the remotes and so forth.

Can you program old garage door remote with new garage door opener?

You can as long as one of the following conditions applies: - The new opener does not have a Security + feature - The new opener has a Security + feature and the remote does also - The new opener has a Security + feature, but it allows it to be bypassed (rare) If you do not fit one of these cate ( Full Answer )

Why does garage door remote close but not open garage door?

you may have a broken spring release the door from the opener if it feels the lest bit heavy chances are that's whats wrong. Or you need to give it some lubrication or something might be stuck when it opens that's why it closes but has got trouble while opening!

How do you clone a garage door remote?

the remotes have an embedded serial number the receiver on the opener has has a button you press to make that remote a part of its friendly list. just push the button on the receiver while pushing the button on the remote

Automatic Technology Australia remote control garage door openers model PTX 4...how do i reset remote to open and close garage door?

This is Jessica.C from Ahouse Gate Opener. We are ISO9001 Certificated Factory, established in 1992. Ahouse technology Taiwan, China., we design and production. We specilized in produce sliding door opener, swing gate operator, outdoor lock, underground swing gate opener, solar retractable awnings, ( Full Answer )

Why isn't my garage door closing?

check the sensors if the lights are not on reposition them till the light come on There can be lubrication problems as well. Or something might have stuck to door opener. Check that too!

Why does a garage door remote open and close door successfully inside of the garage but really hard to open the door out of the garage?

Your car brand won't make any difference. It might be related to the batteries in the remote and the distance to the electronics inside the garage when the opener is outside. You could be trying to open the door from too far away if it happens when you are driving up to the house. If it happens sitt ( Full Answer )

How do you program garage door remote control?

Your must first find out what kind of garage door opener on the garage end you have. Not all are compatible with all remotes. Research this. If it is, then proceed to On the unit mounted above the garage door, a cover comes off and a small button used for programming remotes is accessible. This butt ( Full Answer )

Where can one purchase a Chamberlain garage door opener remote?

One can purchase a Chamberlain garage door opener remote from various websites like Amazon and eBay. Both websites offer a great amount of products all around the world, including a Chamberlain garage door opener remote.