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Probably he's just mad He is being a man..the whole ego thing..or he simply didn't like you but used you??I don't know, ask him this question..or his friends.. Maybe you didn't like him at the time so he erased his feelings about you from his mind, you became, were, or are someone of disrespect (someone who cusses, a slut, etc.) and some guys don't like that, one of his good friends likes you and he doesn't want to mess it up for his friend, and others.

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โˆ™ 2008-01-08 02:18:50
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Q: Why does a guy deny that he ever liked you?
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What do you do if a guy has liked you for a year but he won't ever ask you out and the guy has a girlfriend?

you ask the guy if you would like to go out with him and i have a feeling he'll say yes.

What if you told a guy you liked him and he told you he liked you a to?

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It means she is asking if you ever liked her

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The guy you liked told your best friend he liked you?


What would you do if a guy came up to you and he said a guy liked you and you liked him back but it turned out to be a joke?

you stalk the boy till he likes you or you can find the guy that told you that the guy liked you and tell him to f off and smack in the face :) I totally agree

What do you do if you've liked a guy for a long time but you hardly ever see him?

You should still tell him how you feel because you can still have a relationship.

What does it mean when a guy that liked you and you liked him ignores you?

It means that u have to talk to him.

You told the guy you liked that you liked him What do you do now?

If you had the guts to do that, ask him if he likes you. If not, move.

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yes and no

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You told the guy you liked that you liked and he just smiled does he like you?

usully he does or it depends if he is an ass.

There is a guy you have liked forever and you thought he liked you but then you moved away and he got a girlfriend?

get on with your life

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Why guys deny feelings?

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Is there a song about a girl that liked a guy and he liked her and now she doesn't like him anymore?

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If a guy likes you do they look at you a lot?

If he keeps looking at you that doesnt nesseceraly mean he likes you. I like a guy and he would always look at me we became really good friends. I was shure he liked me so one night i decided to tell him i liked him. It turn out he didnt like me ever. To this day were still friends but not as much. I still like him and when i told him i liked him he took it very nice. Maybe a guy could like you if he keeps looking at you but with me that didnt happen.