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I would remove the tires one by one and place them on a spin balancer; as the balacer spins, the technician needs to watch the horizon of the tire for a out of round condition and/or bent rim.( a out of round tire can be "in-balance" but still shake your teeth loose.) If your vehicle has a drive shaft vs axle shaft look very closely at the universal joints . I hope this helps you. Mark

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Q: Why does a mid-engine rwd car vibrate in the rear ONLY when you accelerate above 60 in 3rd 4th and 5th gear even after 3 tire balancings an alignment and faily new struts and bearings?
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Can you get an alignment with bad bearings?

Yes, BUT the result would be no better than beforethe alignment because the play in the bad bearings would prevent an accurate alignment.

Is wheel alignment necessary after replacing rear wheel bearings on 1997 Camry?


What is brushes and bearings?

Brushes and bearings are component parts of a generator. The brushes are used to deliver the field voltage to the revolving rotor. The bearings are needed to allow the rotor to revolve. The bearings also maintain alignment to prevent the rotor from dragging on the stator.

Why does 2000 Impala shake at 50 tires good had checked?

Have the wheel bearings checked, as well as the alignment.

What causes f350 steering wheel shake when accelerate?

Check tire balance or wheel bearings in front axle

What is the name of the centerline that is used for drawing highways and employs bearings and distances?

Perhaps alignment if your referring to the profile and stations of the road.

Why does a 1988 grand marquis shake as you accelerate to a certain speed?

Wheel balance or drive shaft balance. Could be bearings also.

Replaced the tie rod ends but wheels still shakes what could be the cause?

Check your wheel bearings, or you might need a wheel alignment

Loss of power on 97 Chevy pu 5.7 won't accelerate?

bad ignition. plugged air filter. main bearings are bad.

What causes 1969 Chevelle alternator belts keep breaking?

Usually caused by pulley mis-alignment or bad bearings. With the belt off, try turning each pulley with your hand to see if the bearings spin freely and smooth.

What would cause a howling sound from either the drive line or rear end when you accelerate but stops when you brake or let off the gas.?

Probably have problems with the pinion bearings, carrier bearings and or ring and pinion gears inside the rear differential.

Why do you hear a tapping noise when you accelerate in your mustang?

It could be a few things. Maybe a fuel knock caused by timing or something like your rocker arms are out of adjustment. Also you could have bad crank or piston rod bearings or cam bearings.

Will tire balancing solve a shaky steering wheel?

It's possible, but there are other causes too. Alignment, shocks and front wheel bearings can all cause this.

What causes Mitsubishi mirage rear wheel to lean too far in?

many causes. check: loose wheel bearings possible bent spindle possible bent suspension part weak springs alignment, if the camber or toe(alignment terms) is out, the tire will not sit in the proper position. depending on the year, your car may take alignment shims to correct the problem. shims are usually an additional cost on top of the alignment.

Why does my Car wobbles at 55 mph?

Wheels need balancing, alignment could be off, wheel bearings, bent rim. Probably just needs wheels balanced.

Why is it important to carry out prechecks on a vehicle before carrying out a steering alignment check in detail?

To make sure no parts that will affect the steering alignment are bent or broken such as tie rod ends ball joints wheel bearings spindles struts control arms ect ect.

How much are bearings for a s10?

Wheel bearings, main bearings, connecting rod bearings, cam bearings, axle bearings, carrier bearings, pinion bearings and so on, need to be more specific.

What are types of bearings?

A few types of bearings are plain bearings, jewel bearings, and fluid bearings.

Why would your steering wheel and pedals be shaking when driving?

1. out of balance tire 2. Steering out of alignment 3. bad wheel bearings

What is wheel alignment for?

For all kinds of things. Better gas mileage, better tire life, so your car goes straight, so your wheel bearings last longer.

In a 2000 Pontiac grand am you have a knocking noise in the front end that goes away when you accelerate and break but it is there when coasting?

First, check the lug nuts. If that's not it, check the wheel bearings.

Can a wheel alignment cause your car to whistle when driving at low speeds ive already changed out my rotors and breaks?

Whistling at low speeds tends to indicate worn wheel bearings.

How much does it cost to replace bearings on a s-10?

Wheel bearings? Axle bearings? Differential carrier bearings? Engine main bearings? Engine rod bearings? Engine cam bearings? Need more info to help you.

If a front-end alignment and tire rotation is done without a balance can this cause the bearings or front axle to be off?

No. Bearings and axles are non-adjustable. But the question is not clear as to what is meant by "off". There is really nothing other than mileage that wears bearings and axles. Front-wheel drive cars don't have servicable bearings. However, when a rear brake job is done on a car with drum brakes, chances are there may be bearings that should be greased at that time. Axles are sealed, and are not serviceable on anything other than a 4x4, and even then, there isn't much to service. Bearings on a Ford Explorer 4x4 (for example) needs the front bearings re-packed with a front brake job. If your axle or bearings seem messed up after the alignment and rotation, it didn't have anything to do the tires being out of balance. Because lifting a vehicle on a rack removes all weight off the suspension, it can sometimes cause the vehicle to settle wrong when put back down if there is a weakness in a component. Example, wheel bearings that got into their own worn groove because they were a little loose. The wheel, when off the ground, tilted one way, and when lowered back down, forced the bearing if loose into a weird spot.

91 Acura integra has thumping sound from rear had new brakes wheel bearings alignment even tire wear and no brake pedal pulse what could it be?

problem could be the rear strut