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Why does a person have his blood pressure on a regular basis?

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Because usually, significant changes in blood pressure are not normally noticed by a person. However, the effects can be tremendous, especially if unnoticed over a long period of time.

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Why does a person have his blood pressure checked on a regular basis?

Why does a person have his blood pressure checked on a regular basis?

Why does a person have his or her blood pressure checked on a regular basis?

Blood pressure is an indicator of cardiac health and the circulatory system of the body. People with high blood pressure are at higher risk for heart attacks.

Why does blood pressure drop with exercise?

During exercise blood pressure will rise. However, if you exercise moderately on a regular basis your "resting blood pressure" may lower because you are improving your lifestyle.

What are some of the benefits of using relaxation techniques on a regular basis?

lower blood pressure and an enhanced immune system

Does caffeine increase or decrease blood pressure?

Caffeine increases blood pressure. As long as minimal amounts are consumed, it will not have long term effects. If a lot of caffeine is consumed on a regular basis, it could affect blood pressure long-term.

Why is it important for older person to have a regular check up of blood pressure?

Raised blood pressure and lowered blood pressure can be signs of all sorts of conditions. For example, a change in blood pressure could be a sign of a blockage in an artery.

What is regular drugs?

Regular drugs are drugs taken by an individual on a daily basis like aspirin, insulin, blood pressure tablets, inhalers for asthma etc.

What Blood Cells are replaced on a regular basis?

the red blood cells are

I think my blood pressure is high, how can I find out?

You can find out if you have high blood pressure by having your blood pressure checked regularly. Most doctors will diagnose a person with high blood pressure on the basis of two or more readings, taken on several occasions. A consistent blood pressure reading of 140/90 mmHg or higher is considered high blood pressure, another term for hypertension.

Can regular exercise increase your blood pressure?

Regular exercise typically decreases blood pressure. While blood pressure would be high during exercise, it strengthens your heart and makes it healthier, therefore bringing your blood pressure closer to an ideal level.

Is regular physical activity has been linked to high blood pressure?

No, there is a correlation between regular physical activity and its effects on lowering blood pressure

How do you lower blood pressure immediately?

A balanced diet and regular exercise can reduce high blood pressure.

What steps can one take to lower blood pressure?

You can lower blood pressure by keeping fit and watching your weight. This includes eating a healthy diet, and exercising on a regular basis. Reduce your sodium intake, drink more water, and limit the alcohol you drink.

How does blood pressure make blood move though the various regions of the cardiovascular system?

Blood pressure is the actual pressure of blood traveling in the arteries of the body. Blood pressure is caused by the force of a pump (the heart) pumping blood into the arteries which have tight walls. The pressure of the blood results in the blood circulating just as water pressure will result in water circulating to any pipes attached to a water pump. When a person has very low blood pressure the blood does not circulate much and the person is said to be "in shock." When a person has no blood pressure the blood does not circulate at all and the person is dead.

Percentage of men have high blood pressure?

Web MD and the American Heart Association say 60 percent of men (especially the older men) have high blood pressure. Some men do not even know they have it because men notoriously do not go to the doctor on a regular basis or use the machines at the pharmacies that will check for high blood pressure.

Need to check their blood sugar levels on a regular basis?


In what position is blood pressure the highest?

Blood pressure is the highest when a person is lying down in the supine position. When a person stands up from a sitting position, the blood pressure decreases.

IS 109 OVER 37 blood pressure to low?

That is a bit too low and if this reading continues, you need to see your family doctor and have him check you out. There may be reasons why this is happening. So, keep checking your blood pressure and as I mentioned, if it continues on a regular daily basis, see your doctor...

What effects blood pressure?

the mood the person is is can affect their blood pressure such as depression and angry..

Regular consumption of fatty fish will leads to?

blood pressure

Is 101 over 81 good blood pressure?

Anything around 120/80 is normal HEALTHY ADULT blood pressure. 101/80 is a little bit low. It depends on what state of health you're in. If you're an athlete or are exerting yourself on a regular basis than 101/81 may be completely normal. Blood pressure also depends on the individual's genetics. Genetics preset your body's "normal" blood pressure, so this may be another reason why your blood pressure is low.

Is 157 over 97 bad for 18 years old blood pressure?

It is very bad for any age since it is hypertension. Dr. Oz addresses hypertension on his show on a regular basis.

What do mean by hypotension?

regular/ often/ constant high blood pressure

Why does regular exercise lower blood pressure?

cos ur fat

Can a person have high blood pressure and low blood pressure at the same time?

No. Technically a person's blood pressure can only stay the same at one time. You either can have high blood presure or low blood pressure.