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The Functions of the cell wall and the cell membrane are different

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Q: Why does a plant has both a rigid cell wall and a cellular membrane?
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Is a cell membrane in the plant or animal or both?

There is a cell membrane in both; however, plant cells have "walls" which are a little more rigid.

Cell membrane in plant or animal?

A animal cell has a Cell Membrane to protect it, but a plant cell has a Cell Wall that also protects it. Ask me any more questions you need!

Do plant cells have a cell wall instead of the plasma membrane?

Yes because the cell membrane is needed to regulate the flow of material in and out of the cell.Also, when the plant cell requires to undergo plasmolysis, the cell membrane enables the process, because it is not rigid.

What structure is present in both plant and yeast cells but not in bacterial cells?

Plant and yeast are eukariyotes. They have nucleus and membrane bound organelles

Which cell has a cell wall and cell membrane?

Only plants, bacteria, fungi, and algae have cell walls. You are looking at an animal or protozoa cell that have no cell walls. Cell walls gives rigidity to cells.

Do both a plant and animal cell have a cell membrane?

Yes, they both have a cell membrane, but only the plant cell has both a cell membrane and a cell wall.

Do animal cells have wall membrane?

No animal cells do not contain nuclear membranes but plants cells do! Both animal and plant cells have nuclear membranes the main difference between the two is that plant cells have a cell wall and cellular membrane and animal cells only have a cellular membrane

Plasma membrane found in animal cell plant cell or both?

The Plasma membrane is found in both the animal cell and plant cell.

What are three features that plant and animal cells have in common?

chloroplasts, cell wall, permanent vacuole, cell membrane

Is a cell membrane inside both plant?

Both plant and animal cells have a cell membrane. The plant cells have a cell wall over their cell membranes.

Do plant and animal cells have a nuclear membrane?

All plant and animal cells have nuclear membranes. The presence of a nuclear membrane distinguishes a eukaryote from a prokaryote such as bacteria.

Is cell membrane found in animal or plant cells or both?

The cell membrane is found in both plant and animal cells. However, only plant cells have cell walls.