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Water is a polar molecule, meaning that one end is negative and the other positive. Substances dissolve in water by "sticking" to one end of the water molecule. The better the molecules adhere, the more you can dissolve into a given quantity. The relatively tiny size of the water molecule, combined with its high polarity, has led it to be called "the universal solvent."

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Q: Why does a substance mix well in water?
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When salt and water are mix is this a new substance?

No, it is not a new substance. It is a solution.

When salt and water mix is it a new substance?


How can you mix salt with water?

Just by combining them together in a bucket or bowl. __________ To get more salt to mix with water, heat or boil the water. The hotter the liquid, the more substance it can mix with. You can also stir the solution, which helps as well.

What happens if you mix corn starch with glycerol?

If you mix cornstarch and glycerol you get a gel like substance that will take a sightly yellow complexion compared to cornstarch and water. This is not the same substance that you get if you mix cornstarch and water

Difference between miscible and immiscible?

A substance that is miscible will "mix" easily with another substance. Oil, however, is immiscible with water - it does not mix.

What substance make water and oil mix?

A soap or emulsifier will cause oil and water to mix, although not perfectly.

What don't some things mix with water?

A substance that doesn't mix with water is a hydrophobic substance. Common examples would be cooking oil, gasoline, petroleum jelly and wax.

How would you define hydrophobic substance?

A hydrophobic substance is any substance which "fears" water. In other words it will not mix with water. Remember hydro = water and phobia = fear.

What liquids mix well with water?

Polar liquids and some ionic solutions mix well with water.

Why is water not a good solvent for lipids?

Simply said, Water and oil don't mix and lipids are fats or oils.They will separate.they are a polar substance and water is a non-polar substance so they cant mix together.

What is water and oil do not mix?

Water and oil do not mix because water is a polar substance and oil is nonpolar. The general rule of solubility is like dissolves like.

What is a insoluble substance?

this meens it will not mix with any other substace easily well if its insoluble its hould mix at all.

If you mix silt clay and water what dirty substance will it make?


What happens when vinegar is mixed into cooking oil?

I do not think that vinegar (Usually a diluted solution of water and acetic acid) will have any chemical reaction since vinegar is (I think) a polar compound as well as water. Oil is a non-polar substance and should not mix well with vinegar, especially since it does not mix in well with water and most vinegar solutions only have 5% acetic acid and 95% water.

What happens if you mix alcohol with water?

They mix quite well, no reaction.

Is well water in a glass a pure substance or a mixture?

Well water is a mixture of water and minerals.

Does salt mix well with other chemicals?

yes. in fact, when you mix salt with water, you get salt water. =]

What is the liquid that doesn't mix with oil?

Water, of course ! Water is the liquid that doesn't mix well with oil.

What is an example of a mixture of liquids?

If you want liquids that mix well, milk and water is a good mixture. Some muffin or waffle recipes use a mix of milk and water. Liquids that don't mix well are oil and water. The oil will sit on top of the water. In baking, you sometimes mix milk and oil or milk and lemon juice, and they don't mix well.

What is immicibility?

It is the inability for one substance to mix with another. Water and oil for instance.

Is water and dissolved salt a pure substance?

Yes it is a pure substance. Because when it mix with water you can't see the salt anymore because it dissolve and leave the water in the same color.

Why is it difficult to wash an oily plate with cold water without soap or detergent?

Oil is a nonpolar substance and water is a polar substance, so the water can't mix with or dissolve the oil.

What happens when flour is mixed with water?

When you mix flour and water, there is no chemical reaction involved. When you mix the two, it turns to a watery goop or sometimes a simple doughy substance.

Is sea water a substance?

sea water is a substance ever thing is a substance well....... every thing that is liquid is definitly a substance like for example a smoothie is a substance and i thin for example a friut like water melon

What would be an example of a hydrophobic substance?

The definition of hydrophobic is to fail to mix with water or repel water. A hydrophobic substance is oil, because it will float and if mixed, will separate on its own.

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