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because it does not have moistire so it sink an paper is burned unless it is in the sun

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Does a balloon float or sink on water and why?

a balloon float on water

Will balloon filled with water sink in oil?

Water is denser than oil, so yes, it will sink. That is true whether the water is inside a balloon or not.

Why does a balloon filled with water neither sink or float and it just drifts and literally becomes one with the water?

The density of water molecules is the same inside the balloon as on the outside.

Why does a paper boat sink when it becomes wet or soggy?

the water weighs it down, this causes it to sink

How do you make a balloon sink in water?

Well this would be difficult. The best way would be to fill the balloon with something besides air. You could fill the balloon with a liquid such as oil, water, etc. and see if that works.

Will a balloon filled with carbon dioxide sink or rise?

The balloon will sink, as carbon dioxide is heavier than air.

Does crushed paper ball float or sink in water?


Will a balloon filled with chlorine gas sink or float?


Why do paper clips sink?

Because they are heavier than water and have no air in them

Why does size of balloon increase as it goes up?

As balloons increase in altitude, there is less atmospheric pressure pushing on it, so the result is that the balloon expands. The opposite is true, if you sink a balloon in water there is more pressure on the outside of the balloon so it shrinks.

Will paper float and why?

no because the papper will absorb the water making it heavier and it will sink.

Will a balloon with argon gas sink faster then a balloon with krypton gas?

The balloon with krypton gas has a higher density than the balloon with argon gas.

How do you make a piece of paper look older?

ok, put paper in sink fill sink up with warm or hot water take an orange and yellow marker dip markers in water for ten seconds then leave paper there for a few minute take paper out let it air dry, paper should be yellowish the lastly crinkle it up.

Does paper sink or float?

paper floats

Why don't people sink in water?

If you breathe in before going under water then you float beacuse you are filled with light air. Otherwise, if you blow out while going under then you sink. All of the air is expelled out of you body. For example: if a balloon is aired up it will float when it pops its will sink if all of the air is out.

Why does newspaper float then sink?

Initially, the paper is full of tiny pockets of air. As this is released when the paper gets wet - it's replaced by water. The heavier paper then sinks.

Does a weighted air filled balloon with the same density as water float or sink?

Neither, it just stays submerged, provided its density stays the same as the water around.

Why does an argon balloon sink?

Because it is heavier than air.

Why does an iron ship sink but a lump of iron float?

i believe you mean why does iron sink but the iron boat float. think about a balloon for a moment. if you take an empty balloon you can easily pull it under water, but if you fill the balloon with air and tie it shut, you cannot pull it under water. the same concept applies to the boat. The air inside and around the boat (yes, even if it is completely open with no roof) keeps it afloat

What three things need to be provided at a hand wash sink?

Hot water soap and paper towels

Why does helium rise and regular air sink?

A balloon filled with helium floats and a balloon filled with regular air falls to the ground because helium has less density than air so the air causes the balloon to sink because there are more molecules in it. The helium has less molecules in it so the balloon rises.

Which will sink water or maple syrup?

Maple syrup will sink but water is unable to sink because it is water.

Why does a balloon with CO2 sink?

Because the density of carbon dioxide is the double of the density of water (1,977 g/cm3) at 1 atm and O 0C.

What makes a paperclip sink in water?

the mass of the paper clip weighs too much for the buoyant force of the water to push up to the surface of the water. wrong

Is the anchor more dense than a hot air balloon?

Yes, an anchor is more dense than a hot air balloon. Density equals the mass divided be the volume.For example:Let's say that they both take up the same amount of volume, the anchor has a higher mass than the hot air balloon so it has a higher density which is why the hot air balloon floats and the anchor will sink.yes it is.If a thing can float on water, it's density is lower than water, like a hot air ballon.If a thing can sink in water, it's density is higher than water, like an anchor.