Paper Mario

Paper Mario is a popular role-playing game on Nintendo 64 that follows Mario in his attempt to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser.

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Paper Mario

Where is Podley's Joint in Paper Mario?

the first floor of the inn

Paper Mario

Where do you get the boat curse on paper Mario?

It is hidden in a chest in chapter 5

Paper Mario

Where is the plaza in Paper Mario?

when you reach chapter 3, go west of rogueport. you will step on zess t's contact. go to the shop, talk to the clerk to order a new one for her. wait for a while. leave the area and return. the clerk will be standing outside. go into the shop and buy the contact for 5-7 coins. give it to zess t. she will be out of the way and you may explore rogueport plaza!

Paper Mario

How do you beat Bonetail in Paper Mario TTYD the easy way?

Materials(in the game)

Power Rushes (many as you can find)

Power Bounce (Blue shoe)

First, go down The Pit of 100 Trials (stay at level 99)

Second, Equip all your Power Rushes and your Power Bounce. Feel free to equip your Badges.

Third, Go down the pipe in level 99. You'll meet Bonetail (oldest brother of Hooktail and Gloomtail) and after the scene use your Power Bounce as many times as you can (it'll probably do 70 damage each time you bounce). After 200 damage (probably 3 times or more if you wish.)you've beat him and you can stop. You'll get a treasure of Return Postage (just like Zap Tap but weaker and uses more Badge points which is useless.)

Paper Mario

How do you get Vivian in paper Mario thousand year door?

To get Vivian to join your team, you have to find the super bom-bomb. It's located in the bush to the farthest left where you stand to talk to Vivian. After you find it, you talk to Vivian and she'll say its broken. After that you have to say don't worry it'll be ok, because if you say " I'll try to fix it" it will explode and she'll get mad. To readers, I never even tried saying I'll try to fix it, I'm just guessing.

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Why does Mario always wear gloves?

I guess it's just a fad for video game characters. Sonic, Pac- Man, and even Megaman and their friends wear gloves.

Paper Mario

How do you make kooky cookie on Paper Mario?

You would use Cake Mix and a Koopa Leaf.

Paper Mario

How do you find a honey jar in paper Mario?

In Super Paper Mario, if you go to Flipside B1F, there is water on your right. Go down it and back up on the other side and there is a person there that sells different items. (On some days, he sells a Honey Jar for 15 coins, just be patient.) Past him is a miniature house and you need Dottie to reach it. (light blue door must be completed) There should be a store called Itty Bits there, and you should find a Honey Jar there for 20 or 25 coins!

Paper Mario

How do you change party members in paper Mario?

press c right then choose a member with the a button.

Paper Mario

How you fix a track in shy guy's toy box in paper Mario?

You get back the shop-owner's key and open the shop's back door, then you grab the toy train out of there, go back to shy guy's toy box, but don't go in, stand by the toy box and drop it in. :D

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Paper Mario

Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door How do you get Mario to turn into a boat?

Once you get the Sailboat Curse, then you can turn into Boat form when you find the Brown pannels with the Boat symbol on them.

Paper Mario

How many upgrade blocks are there in Paper Mario?

Let's see... There are enough blocks to upgrade each party member twice. So, they're 8 party members in total so that would mean there's 16 upgrade blocks in Paper Mario.

Paper Mario

How do you get past the fallen tree in twilight town in paper Mario?

Use Koops to grab the storage key then go into the straw hut to get a black key then go to the shop go into the storage room then talk to the black chest where he'll give you a sob story choose yes talk to him again and he'll curse you then use your new power to go under the tree .

Paper Mario

How do you get to Yoshi Village in Paper Mario?

In order to get to Yoshi Village in Paper Mario, go to the toad town port and there should be a whale. Then ask the whale to give u a ride to Mt. Lavalava island. When you reach the island go down and go into the next area and walk straight the beach into the next area and that's where you will see some Yoshi's and then you will know that you are there.

Paper Mario

How can you get them quick change badge in paper Mario the thousand year door?

You get it from Dazzle for 8 star pieces.

Paper Mario
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How do you get 100 robux in Roblox for free?

So u have to go to the admin 2 klohs and buy a shirt and when it’s 5k like he gives the first one 100$R

Paper Mario

How do change Mario's hat color in paper Mario?

its not possible but in paper Mario 2 you need to get the L emblem or the W emblem (they are both badges that cost 0 BP) i hope that helped

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Is it a easyer way to unlock Mr.Game And Watch on Super Smash Bros Melee?



you can just do one of the things below

. do 1,000 melee matches

.complete target test with 24 characters

.complete classic or adventure mode with 24 characters.

Paper Mario

When does paper mario 3d come out?

The official American release date is November 11. It was announced not too long ago. And in Europe, 3DS games are usually released 2 days before North America, so it'll probably be November 9 in Europe. And it's called Paper Mario: Sticker Star. It looks awesome!

Paper Mario

What is the pattern of the 3 blocks in paper Mario?

left first middle second and no right second an middle last

Paper Mario

How do you change clothes in paper Mario?

You CAN NEVER change mario's clothes. The only way to change his clothes is to use a luigi or wario badge to change the style of his clothes to look like luigi's or wario's.

AND his partners can't change AT ALL.

Paper Mario

How old is mario mario?

Right now mario is 32 years old. The first game he was ever in was donkey kong from 1981.

Paper Mario

Where is the cricket hammer in paper Mario thousand year door?

its a badge callled attack fx R

Paper Mario

Will paper Mario for ds have the same story with paper Mario for n64?

Based on Pictures Ive Seen. I Think Its Gonna Have The Same Storyline (And you meant 3DS lol!

Paper Mario

Is paper Mario the book of ages a book?

No. It's a game that someone had an idea for.


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