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Why does alcohol dehydrate you?

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Because alcohol is a diuretic, which means that it stimulates your kidneys to filter more water out of your blood.

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How much does alcohol dehydrate you?

lots and lots

How alcohol can dehydrate body cells?

Because it is bad for you

Does coffee dehydrate you more after drinking alcohol?

Coffee and alcohol dehydrate you about the same per volume. You would need double the amount of water to hydrate your body back to the same point it was before the consumption of coffee or alcohol.

Why does drinking too much alcohol dehydrate you?

obsorb water in the ,body

How does lager dehydrate a person?

Alcohol is adiuretic. You will pee more than you drink.

Why is ethyl alcohol harmful to an organism?

it is harmful because it can dehydrate the cells in our body

What effect does alcohol have on hydration levels in the body?

Alcohol will dehydrate your body by decreasing production of Anti Diuretic Hormone (ADH).

What liquid dehydrates you?

Any liquid that contains alcohol. Alcohol is a diuretic. Soda and coffee also dehydrate you. This is because they are high in sugar.

How do you spell dehydrate?


Why does wine give you such a terrible hangover?

A hangover is just a little dehydration caused when you drink too much alcohol, because that much alcohol starts to dehydrate you a little.

In a dental office what we don't give to an alcoholic?

Alcohol-based mouthwash. There are many mouthwashes that are not alcohol-based and most work much better because they do not dehydrate the buccal lining.

Why is alcohol used as a disinfectant in cleansing the skin prior to an infection?

because alcohal causes bacterium to dehydrate very quickly die

How does alcohol effects the hydration?

Although beer is mostly water beer does nothing but dehydrate you. A hangover is essentially your brain being dehydrated.

Can you dehydrate play dough?

I think u can dehydrate it

What type of alcohol dehydrates the body faster?

The type with the higher alcoholic proof. For example whiskie will dehydrate the body more than beer.

Can a person drink beer in diarrhea?

Yes you can, but health experts advise against it, as it can increase the symptoms of diarrhea, since alcohol helps to dehydrate you.

Does cranberry juice dehydrate you?

Yes cranberry juice will dehydrate you.

Extacy and alcohol?

Mixing Ecstasy and Alcohol intensifies both but be sure to drink water when you mix them. Alcohol and ecstasy both dehydrate you to the point of possible death so take caution and be smart and messed up at the same time. remember ecstasy is illegal.

What is the effect of drinking alcohol on chemotherapy?

Alcohol can dehydrate you, and it's very important to stay hydrated during chemo. However, a small glass of red wine can help improve your appetite, just be very moderate.

Can alcohol cure food poisoning?

no it cant, alcohol will dehydrate you and most likely make food poisoning worse. so if you have already tried to cure food poisoning, you probably screwed yourself. congratulations tardo.

What will happen to your cells if you drink salt water?

Your cells dehydrate and you then dehydrate.

How can the use of tobacco alcohol and other harmful substances negatively affect personal fitness?

The use of tobacco, the abuse of alcohol, and the use of some illegal drugs can negatively affect personal fitness because smoking leads to shortness of breath and fatigue. Alcohol can dehydrate your body.

Is it ok to drink coffee when you have a fever?

The best thing to drink when you have a fever is water. coffee and alcohol will dehydrate you. you could also drink Gatorade, which gives you electrolytes.

Will coffee dehydrate you?

This is information which was "true" a while ago. But with new information the answer is no. Coffee will not dehydrate you.

What is 'dehydrate' when translated from English to Italian?

As a verb: essiccare, adjective: secco