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Why does blood smell like ammonia?


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It is the urine not the blood. It comes from amino acids being broken down. Could you be pregnant?


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Ammonia plants makes ammonia. So ammonia plants smell NH3.

Ammonia is a natural occurring compound in the blood. It's typically the result of intestinal bacteria during the digestion process. Usually, the body will process the ammonia and you don't have much of an odor, but large amouns of blood can give off a small amount of ammonia. But even small amounts of ammonia will give off the characeristic smell.

ammonical smell............:-)

The most common cause of having an ammonia smell in your nose is your diet. People who have a high protein and low carbohydrate diet can smell ammonia and their sweat can actually smell like ammonia too.

Fish smells like ammonia when it starts to spoil.

No they dont smell like that. Mushrooms are made by fungus.

Its the natural smell of cat's urine

The smell of ammonia isn't a smell, it is a chemical burn. Even people with anosmia can detect the "smell" of ammonia

Vaginal discharge smells like ammonia Why does my vaginal discharge smell like ammonia? Vaginal discharge that smells like ammonia is definitely not normal. The causes for ammonia smelling vaginal discharge include * infection of vaginal tract * washing your underwear with bleach * urinary tract infection Infection of vaginal tract causes ammonia like smell If bacteria infect the vaginal tract, vaginal discharge acquires an ammonia like smell. Hence, one possible cause of an ammonia smelling vaginal discharge is bacterial infection of the vaginal tract. Doctors use antibiotics to treat vaginal tract infections. Once the doctor treats the infection, the ammonia like smell will disappear. Washing your underwear with bleach can cause ammonia like smell An often overlooked cause of ammonia smelling vaginal discharge is washing your underwear with bleach. When your genital area sweats, the sweat collects on your underwear. When the sweat combines with bleach it gives rise to an ammonia like smell. If you are smelling your underwear to judge the smell of your vaginal secretions, then remember that your sweat, and not your vaginal secretions, might be causing the ammonia like smell. Try smelling your vaginal secretions directly and not the underwear, if you want to rule out whether it is the sweat that is causing the smell or the vaginal secretions.

Ammonia smells like very long-stayed urine and a mixture with cabbage.

Ammonia is a gas generally. It has a very bad smell.

Spoiled pork can smell like rotten eggs with an odor of sulfur. It may have a sour smell or an ammonia-like smell when the meat is bad.

Cats hate the smell of vinegar and ammonia.

Ammonia smells a lot like old urine or faeces. A non-hygienic unclean toilet will often smell of ammonia.

Hi, Some vaginal bleeding does smell, yes but each woman has her own smell so its difficult to say hun. i am not 100% sure that it's suppose to have that smell but when it happened to me, it was this smell like ammonia and i told my friend about it and she had gone thru the same thing, but you should still go to the doctor because everyones different. good luck!

The most common cause of feet smelling like ammonia is a diet that is high in protein but low in carbohydrates. It is actually your sweat that smells like ammonia, not your feet.

Yes ,it has a smell. It has a characteristic smell.

I think that it's the smell they give off..... Hope that helped you :)

It's a pungent pong, like stale urine.

Like Iron.. rust. It depends on the kind of person to me. My blood doesn't smell at all, but other peoples have a sweet smell...I don't know about you..Blood doesn't smell like rust to me

Cod fish or any type of fish will have ammonia like smell when it is no longer fresh. This smell will begin to appear as you are cooking it. It may also have a taste that is similar to ammonia, too.

The urea in urine can breakdown to form ammonia, especially if it comes in contact with feces.

It is unknown why exactly cats like the smell of Clorox. Some think that they like the smell of the ammonia that is contained in Clorox, as well as in other household cleaners.

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