Why does bread turn green when left out too long?

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Mold grows on it.
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How do you keep bread from turning green?

Freezing bread in an airtight container or freezer plastic wrap will keep it good for months (just guard against frostbite); you can also refrigerate bread successfully for 2

Does cheese turn into yogurt if left in the sun too long?

No. Yogurt is a different product, made from culturing fresh milk with bacteria. Cheese is made from milk by coagulating the milk using rennet, cultures and/or enzymes, then s

What will happen if a tourniquet is left on too long?

it causes a hematoma. Yes it does, but it also causes hemoconcentration & hemolysis. If a tourniquet is at high enough pressure and left on long enough,the tissues distal to t
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What happens if bread is left to rise too long?

Bread dough that is left to rise too long will fall and be sour, because the yeast in the dough will consume all of the sugars in the dough. Without sugar, the yeast cannot pr