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Why does car have rough idle it overheated what could be the problem?


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If you suspect overheat has caused a problem, you first need to run a compression test. That way you can eliminate some of the problems that are often caused when an engine is overheated. As you're pulling the plugs for the compression test, make sure the plug colors are even, and light to medium grey. Any dark or damaged plugs can indicate other problems. If the compression test indicates that all cylinders have good, even compression and you just have a dark plug, you may have dodged the big expense. Good luck.


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There are many ways you could cure a rough idle. You must first diagnose why the problem started in the first place.

The choke mechanism on your 98 Explorer could be sticking. The EGR valve could also not be functioning right. Either of these issues could cause the rough idle problem.

The 1998 Blazer could have several problems causing rough idle. Check the air filter, fuel pressure, and EGR valve for a clog to look for the problem.

e.g.r. valve replacement fixed mine. symptoms where rough idle and "surged".

I have a 2004 gt that has also developed a rough idle also and can't find the problem.... I wish you had the answer....

this problem could be your mass air sensor, or the problem i had when this happened to me was the catalytic converter is breaking apart on the insid clogging your exhaust.

If an alternator is going bad it can cause a rough idle in a 1993 Subaru Legacy. Cold temperatures in the winter can also cause a rough idle in the Subaru Legacy.

my 1990 300zx is idling rough what could cause this?

I am having the same problem, and poor acceleration!!

why does my vr commodore idle rough when at complete stop

Why does my 2001 kia sportage idle rough?

it depends on many things. if is an old car carburated and it is rough at idle, then mixture could be a factor.

It depends entirely on what you mean. If what you mean to say is the car dies on the middle of the road, then it could be overheated, or require an oil change. It you have a rough idle at normal operating temperature, then it sounds like you need to clean your fuel injectors.

When the idle goes rough, you must idle the plugs. Else the car plugs roughly.

With mine, the rough idle was fixed by changing the spark plug wires.

Could be in need of a tune up Could have a vacuum leak

Rough idle, low injector pressure Sputtering stalling. lack of power

I had the same problem with my 2005 ford expedition... it was my chamshaft....... The repair is expensive... But it fixed the problem......

The Dodge ram 1500 rough idle can because by a bad spark plug or spark plug wire. The rough idle can also because by a bad camshaft.

My Celica is doing that as well. my uncle knows a thing or two about cars said it could be a Catalytic converter problem...

I just had this problem on my 2004 Colorado. The Idle Actuator control motor on the throttle body was bad. Cost $160 for the part.

When the AC is on most vehicles increase the idle speed. That can often mask the problems that cause rough idle. The primary suspects are: EGR valve, tune-up, sticky or plugged injectors and valves.

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