Why does cheese on a toasted sandwich melt?


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because toasted Sandwiches have heat and that heat is hot enough to melt the chesse

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I think it's a toasted cheese sandwich - Breville is a brand of toasted sandwich maker

There are many recipes for patty melt sandwiches, but basically, a patty melt sandwich is a cooked hamburger patty with a generous amount of melted cheese on top. The patty is placed between two pieces of bread and toasted in a hot skillet in a little melted butter.

I think that a toasted ham and cheese sandwich tops the list!it is an amazing sensation of ham and creamy cheese that tastes absolutely exquisite!

put in your mouth close and chew You may eat it cold or toasted.

Yes, you can safely make a grilled cheese sandwich in the microwave. However, the bread will be very soft and moist rather than toasted, which is the conventional way of making grilled cheese. So what you'll really have is a hot melted cheese sandwich.

Well my favorite toasted sandwich is this: Roast beef, pastrami, nubster cheese, lettuce, and mayonaisse on toasted Italian bread.

A toastie or toasted sandwich.

There are too many food combinations to list every hot and cold sandwich possible, but here is a list of some popular sandwiches: Bologna sandwich Hamburger Cheeseburger Chicken Sandwich Chicken Salad sandwich Tuna salad sandwich Roast beef sandwich Ham sandwich Ham and cheese sandwich Hot ham and cheese sandwich Fish sandwich Cheese sandwich Grilled cheese sandwich Patty melt sandwich Reuben sandwich

add lots of cum and let it dry which melts it :) hope this helps

You take bread and cheese. Then you put them together. You can also heat it up to melt the cheese or grill it to make a grilled cheese sandwich.

Cheese is the main ingredient for a cheese sandwich. Without cheese, it wouldn't be a cheese sandwich.

Yes. There is strong scientific evidence to suggest that it gives you AIDS. Ok just herpes. Ok AIDS.

The plural of cheese sandwich is cheese sandwiches.

It's a sandwich, that has cheese, and is grilled.

With the grill just make cheese on toast then add another slice on top. Or 2 slices of cheese on toast, then put them together with ham in the middle. For cheese on toast, place the bread under the grill until toasted, then add the cheese until melted. Ultimate lazy toasty: If you have a toaster and a microwave you could make 2 slices of toast, slice some cheese, make a 'toast sandwich' with the cheese and ham then put it in the microwave to melt the cheese.

I would say a cheese sandwich is healthier, but that is just my opinion

a toasted sandwich voir: basically the french version of grilled cheese but with ham also...

it is made out of an iron thingy at bonfires.. you can put pie fillings and pizza stuff in it. It sort of resembles a toasted cheese sandwich.. Google it to see pictures.

Try a hot open faced turkey or roast beef sandwich, or a meatball with marinara sandwich, or any toasted sandwich from subway !

quick melt is a kind of cheese that is easy to melt

Toasted cheese and bread.

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