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Q: Why does ethanol have a lower melting point than carbon tetrachloride?
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Is carbon tetrachloride CCl4 float on water?

No, carbon tetrachloride does not float on water because it is immiscible with, and heavier than water, and forms a lower layer.

Discuss the effects of carbon tetrachloride toxicity?

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Do small hydrocarbons have with only a few carbon atoms have low or high boiling points?

The lower the carbon chain, the lower the melting point. As the carbon chain gets longer (ie: larger hydrocarbons), the melting point gets higher.

How does increasing the amount of carbon in steel affect properties?

The melting point of steel goes down to a lower temperature when the proportion of carbon is increased. The steel becomes harder and is not as easy to weld as lower-carbon steel.

Which has a lower enthalpy ethanol or dimethyl ether?


Which has the lower freezing point oxygen or ethanol and why?


Why doesn't achohol freeze?

It does, but its melting (and thus freezing) point is much lower than that of water so you can't actually freeze it in a regular freezer. To be precise, the melting point of ethanol is around -115 degrees Celsius or around -174 degrees Fahrenheit.

Do nonmetals have higher melting points or lower boiling points?

lower melting points

What is the melting point buckminsterfullerene?

the melting point is about 1000 degrees XDXD

What has a lower melting point than ionic solids?

Covalent compounds have a lower melting point.

Why is tetrachloroethylene trichloroethylene and IIItrichloroethane dangerous?

Both the carbon and the chlorine in carbon tetrachloride lose their unique elemental properties and assume new properties. So, neither are particularly harmful, however, the new compound, carbon tetrachloride, poses its own hazards, including health hazards.

Why does Fe have a higher melting point than CCl4?

since acetyl ferrocene is attached to an acetyl group, the upper ring is asymmetrical. unlike ferrocene, whose rings are symmetrical (no attached groups) the melting point is higher due to symmetry. aka higher symmetry = higher melting point