Why does everyone come here to ask questions?

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2011-01-02 03:47:21

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That is because this is a website where questions are meant to be answered

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2011-01-02 03:47:21
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Q: Why does everyone come here to ask questions?
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Why does everyone hate country music?

not everyone hates country music. really, do people come here and ask stupid questions just to get a kick...

What questions can you ask a person for a biography?

Where do you come from. or does everyone in your family look this nice or beautiful

Can you ask too many questions?

No. That's what we're here for. Presuming that your questions are real - and not nonsense aimed at wasting everyone's time - then, no, there is no such a thing as asking too many questions here.

What questions would you ask someone from a different country?

did you come here for education

Can anybody ask questions here?

Yes, anyone on can ask a question. The site is 100% free and open for everyone to use even if you don't have an account.

How come so many kids ask science questions here?

Because this is their web.

Does everyone intentionally ask dumb a questions here?

You should have written ''a dumb question'' instead of ''dumb a question'' And no not everyone, but many people do so.. Source: I myself ask dumb questions sometimes because im bored

Why do you come to WikiAnswers?

To answer questions. - Or ask them or find and answers to already asked questions, personally, I come here if I feel bored or need to pass time ;-)

Questions geographers ask?

where is it, why is it here and how did it get here.

Why are you here on WikiAnswers?

To ask and answer questions.

Why does everybody ask questions here?

People ask questions because this is a Question and Answer Site.

Who is WikiAnswers?

WikiAnswers is the name of this site. The people who write the answers are everyone. Anyone can ask a question and anyone can answer one, so we're all helping each other in the community.

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