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if everyone had the same color eye no one would see the beauty of a persons eye cause they have the same kind of eye color by the way my eyes are brown

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Q: Why does everyone have diffrent colored eyes?
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Can some dogs have different colored eyes?

yes some even have two diffrent colored eyes

Why do people have different colored blue eyes?

If people have diffrent blue eyes it just means that their parents have diffrent color of eyes. Or maybe it could that they just have a diffrent shade of eye color.

Why does everyone have different colored eyes?

Because that's the way God made us.

What do colored eyes mean?

It means that the eyes are colored.

How many people in the whole world have colored eyes?

That is so not true i have diffrent color eyes, and they say they have it because of trauma and medications. weell i live in fl and have heard about 3 people with it in cluding me.

How do you have twins with colored eyes?

Most humans will have colored eyes, the exception is albinos. Therefore the fact that two humans are twins will not stop them having colored eyes.

Where are the tree branches in panfu?

they are diffrent for everyone

What is your account name?

Everyone has diffrent user names!

What color are the hare's eyes?

The hares eyes can be diffrent colors,but they are mostly a darkish brown

Why does Marilyn Manson have different colored eyes?

It is colored contact lenses.

Can people have bi colored eyes?

Yes, people can have a two colored eye or eyes. for example I have grey eyes but my left eye is half brown.

How will you determine if a family member has a recessive trait?

if it is not a common trait that runs in the family.. ex: everyone in your family has brown eyes except your grandparents, you're special because they passed on their colored eyes to you!:)

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