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if everyone had the same color eye no one would see the beauty of a persons eye cause they have the same kind of eye color by the way my eyes are brown

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Q: Why does everyone have diffrent colored eyes?
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Can some dogs have different colored eyes?

yes some even have two diffrent colored eyes

Why do people have different colored blue eyes?

If people have diffrent blue eyes it just means that their parents have diffrent color of eyes. Or maybe it could that they just have a diffrent shade of eye color.

Why does everyone have different colored eyes?

Because that's the way God made us.

What do colored eyes mean?

It means that the eyes are colored.

How many people in the whole world have colored eyes?

That is so not true i have diffrent color eyes, and they say they have it because of trauma and medications. weell i live in fl and have heard about 3 people with it in cluding me.

Where are the tree branches in panfu?

they are diffrent for everyone

Can people have bi colored eyes?

Yes, people can have a two colored eye or eyes. for example I have grey eyes but my left eye is half brown.

What is your account name?

Everyone has diffrent user names!

What color are the hare's eyes?

The hares eyes can be diffrent colors,but they are mostly a darkish brown

How will you determine if a family member has a recessive trait?

if it is not a common trait that runs in the family.. ex: everyone in your family has brown eyes except your grandparents, you're special because they passed on their colored eyes to you!:)

Why does Marilyn Manson have different colored eyes?

It is colored contact lenses.

Does Stuart Scott have different colored eyes?

No, Stuart Scott does not have two different colored eyes. His eyes are the same color, but he has ptosis. This causes one eyelid to droop.

Are dogs eyes usually colored?

Dogs usaly have blue or brow eyes. Some have realy light-ish colored eyes when that are blind. Just like people.

What colored eyes does jigsaw have?


Is 5'5 and 133 fat for a girl?

no. everyone is diffrent. you are not fat.

The colored part of the human eyes is the?

the colored part of the eye is called the IRIS

Do stingrays have eyes?

Yes, some have different colored eyes too!

If you have light brown eyes does that mean i have colored eyes?

no its something your born with

What color are Indiana Evans eyes?

Beautifully colored blue eyes

Can animals have colored eyes?

yes, it is possible for animals to have cloured eyes

Why are some people bisexual?

Diffrent people Like Diffrent things Some people perfer Do date Guys Other Perfer to date girls Its Up To you everyone is diffrent!

What type of mixture is a bag of diffrent colored jelly beans?

heterogenous mixture

What are some things about Nicki Minaj?

she raps,sings,likes to ware diffrent colored hair

What are the odds of having two different colored eyes?

Someone answered this wrong on Yahoo Answers, so here's how you actually do it. Since there are other factors other than genes that can determine having two different colored eyes, such as trauma to the eye, mutations, etc, there's no way of knowing. I don't know how many people are in the whole have two different colored eyes. There's also no real way of knowing the probability of your child, say, having two different colored eyes unless you know if you are a carrier of the recessive gene (e=two different colors) as well as whether or not your significant carries the recessive gene. The dominant gene is same colored eyes (E). Theoretically... If both of you display the dominant gene of having the same colored eyes but are both carriers of the recessive gene, you have a 1 in 4 chance of having a child with two different colored eyes: EexEe EE Ee Ee ee 1/4 =25% If one of you has same colored eyes and is not a carrier, and one of you has two different colored eyes, you have no chance of having a child with two different colored eyes: EExee Ee Ee Ee Ee 0/4 =0% If both of you have same colored eyes, and only one of you is a carrier of the recessive gene, you have no chance of having a child with two different colored eyes: EExEe EE EE EE Ee 0/4=0% If one of you has the same colored eyes but is a carrier of the recessive gene, and one of you has different colored eyes, you have a 1 in 2 chance of having a child with different colored eyes: Eexee Ee Ee ee ee 2/4=50% Waardenburg syndrome can cause different colored eyes and its a dominant gene.

What are all the colors of the eyes?

Humans can have these colored eyes:brownbluehazel