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It can be because people love that feelnig of being energized and accomplishing things. This is usuall ynever a bad thing unless one over trains, which can be detrimental as opposed to beneficial.

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Some people get addicted to the endorphines that are released when they exercise

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Exercise makes you feel happy because when you do exercise, you release morphine like chemicals.

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Q: Why does exercise make you happy?
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What is two things you do everyday that make you happy and start with the letter E?

Eat Exercise

Movie Quote Exercise gives you endorphins Endorphins make you happy Happy people just dont shoot their husbands?

It's from Legally Blonde. Elle is saying it after finding out that Brooke, who is an exercise trainer, is on trial for killing her husband.

How does exercise help the body?

Exercise is beneficial for your body for a lot of reasons. It keeps everything running right inside. It releases endorphins which make you happy. It can even help you lower stress.

'Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands.' What movie did this quote come from?

That quote was said by Elle Woods in the musical and movie Legally Blonde.

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food and exercise=happy & healthy huskie!

What do huskies need to survive?

food and exercise=happy & healthy huskie!

Will exercise help with depression?

Yes, exercise does help with depression. It releases chemicals in your body that your brain needs and stimulates a happy nerve.

Are people who exercise happier then those who dont exercise?

well it depends if their happy with their weight or figure. So I couldn't say yes or no.

What do you do to make a horse happy?

Take proper care of it. Call a vet to check your horse. Feed it quality food. Clean his/her stall. Don't spoil it. Call a farrier to check it's feet. Provide clean water. Exercise it. All these things, and others, help make a happy horse.

How can regular exercise help you if you get pneumonia?

uhuosbhsfuifaiunaf happy leaf erikson day!

Do you agree that diet and exercise are important components of a healthier and happy life?


Can exercise make your menstrual cycle lighter?

Exercise can make your menstrual cycle lighter. You will have to engage in regular exercise for this to happen. Exercise can also help with cramping.