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Why does food sometimes taste like dirt?


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There could be several reasons why this might be happening. A few of the more common reasons would be one of the following:

1. Many of the more "organic" labeled foods are taken from the ground and cleaned with natural methods, mainly water, and then shipped. Many of the processes that other food (usually produce) may go through before finally being shipped to the store ensures that the food arrives more clean and prepared in appearance. While many of these processes will remove a portion of the vitamins and nutrients that organic foods boast of having, they will usually produce a nicer looking end result in the food item. I myself have purchased organic foods such as celery, carrots, pickles, and several others and have actually bitten into them to discover the same taste as well as to actually see trace amounts of dirt still on the food itself. All in all, improper cleaning or preparation on behalf of the distributor or the preparer before eating can result in the dirt taste.

2. Many times people experience peculiar taste phenomenon when eating normal foods it's caused by sinus problems or infections. The smell of a particular food makes up a large percentage of what we taste when we eat a particular food. Therefor if we have sinus problems the taste of our food can easily be distorted.

3. Similar in some ways to the last reason, hormonal changes can cause certain foods to taste quite different at times. Pregnant women quite often report to having a dirt like taste in their mouth when eating certain foods during their pregnancy. Even foods that they may have typically enjoyed a great deal most of their lives could become less enjoyable while drastic hormonal changes are taking place due to pregnancy.

Of course there could be a multitude of other possibilities but these are three of the more common reasons


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