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Why does hair stretch when it is humid?

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i don't even know sorry i know dirty answer from a website

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How do you stretch your hair?

Grow it out

Does scrunching your hair reduce frizz?

no no ,get your hair wet go outside when it is humid

When is it too humid to straighten hair?

during the summer

Why Einstein's hair are straight in photo?

Perhaps his hair is only curly on humid days....

Why are you most likely to get shock in dry air than humid air?

Because humid hair is still a bit wet and dry hair is dry. Electricity is attracted to water.

How do you look good if you have frizzy hair?

stay out of humid places!

Is a sauna bad for your hair?

No, since it is a very humid environment

What atmosphere condition can cause hair to get frizzy?

very humid places

Why does hair get frizzy in humid weather?

Hair gets frizzy in humid weather because it absorbs moisture from the air and expands. Also over drying of hair and some products leave it especially porous and therefore it absorbs more..Hope this helps

Does it stretch your hair when you brush when its wet?

Yes it does it also makes your hair look awful try putting on conditioner and using a comb it makes your hair healthy. Hair stretches when it is wet anyway but it goes back to it's normal length when it dries. You cannot physically stretch your hair.

Does hair get shorter in humidity?

Inverse - hair get longer in a humid atmosphere. ____________ Correct. Whenever the hair is in a damp or wet state, the hair is longer. It will shrink, or shorten, when dry.

What makes straight hair become curly on bad hair days?

Humidity. .... or, Because when it's humid, your hair absorbs the moisture and gets frizzy.

How do you Stretch patent leather shoes?

Use a hair dryer.

Do humid temperatures help your hair grow?

No, it doesn't make any difference.

Is there something in the atmosphere besides lightning when its hot and humid and you have static in your hair?

Yes .

How do you use humid in a sentence?

it was very humid outside because yesterday it rained An example would be, It is very humid outside. The weather in the Carribean is very humid. When it's very hot and humid outside, be sure to drink several glasses of throughout the day. Tropical plants grow best when the air is warm and humid. Grandma hates sticky, humid weather, so she spent the summer sitting near the air conditioner. When it's very humid outside, my hair gets frizzy. The temperature was made even more unbearable by how humid it was. It was a hot and humid day at the beach.

Can you use rollers on naturally curly hair?

Yes, it will stretch it our for you, use a light gel to hold your hair it the roller, magnetic rollers work best for curly hair.

Does the sauna dry out skin and hair?

No, since sauna is very humid and it makes your body sweat more.

Static electricity in hair?

Static electricity in hair can cause it to feel dry and it may start floating away from your head. This usually happens when it is not very humid.

What condition in the air produce frizzy hair?

Sometimes hair can be become frizzy either due to cold and dry weather or humid hot weather. But really it all depends on your hair type. If your hair is naturally curly or wavy then your hair will more likely become frizzy in humid weather due to dampness. If your hair is naturally straight you wont have too much of a frizzy hair problem but it may mostly become frizzy from cold, dry weather due to static. Hope that helps

What causes hair to not cooperate?

What causes hair not to cooperate is often the weather. Humid and hot air can cause hair to become frizzy or to fall flat quickly. Wet weather wrecks almost any type of hair style.

Can you use eccentric in a sentence?

Her eccentric hair made everyone stretch their neck to try and see it.

Does where you live effect how your hair style is?

Yes, Say you live in a humid place your hair will probably be more frizzy than others. Or maybe you live in a dry place your hair will be flatter or fuller depending on the type of dryness.

How much does hair stretch when wet?

According to Milady standard cosmetology text book healthy wet hair stretches double its size 50% versuse dry hair only stretchs 20% .

How do you know if you have 'good hair'?

Take a single strand of your hair and hold it between thumb and forefinger in both hands. slightly, gently stretch the hair strand back and forth and if it flexes without breaking then you have good strong hair.