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Helium is a very light gas. Light gases tend to float (as seen in a helium filled balloon). It is a light gas because it moves very very fast. It is said to be NOT dense.

When you have sucked Helium in, your breath that you use to speak will pass through the Helium gas. Your breath will now be moving faster. Things that move faster tend to have higher pitch.

Note: Helium does not change your vocal chords or your vocal muscles... just the speed of your breath.

Also, Argon gas can make your voice sound lower. But this is dangerous because it can sink into your lungs. So I was told you should be hanging upside down if you ever want to take a sip of Argon gas. I have never done this. DO NOT ATTEMPT this. You could pass out and suffocate if no one is around you.

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How do you change the pitch of your voice when you want to?

sucking in helium makes the pitch higher

What can helium do?

Helium can change the tone of a humans voice in an helium-rich atmosphere.

What effects helium?

Helium can change the timbre of human voice.

Is helium dangerous or helpful?

helium is not that dangerous to inhale it just makes your voice turn a high pitch sueaky voice.

What does helium do to you?

Yes Helium Can Change Our Voice from a Normal Voice into Donald Duck’s Voice or a Chipmunk Voice the Reason why helium makes our voice squeaky is because helium is 6 times lighter then air which means our voice travels through it faster

Why does inhaling helium increase voice pitch?

Because Helium is lighter than air so when you breath it it makes your vocal chords move faster giving you an increased voice pitch

What happens to the voice of a diver breathing in a mixture of oxygen and helium?

If helium replaces the nitrogen in normal air, the pitch of the diver's voice will increase considerably.

Can helium change a heavy voice?

no it can change to high voices but not low

What can cause change of voice?

helium -also puberty

What are interesting facts about helium?

helium is non flamable, and can be used to make your voice a higher pitch when respirated into the lungs.

What are the helium uses?

Balloons, and making your voice sound fast and high pitch.

What happens if you suck helium?

Your voice will sound higher in pitch, much like a cartoon voice for a few minutes.

Is helium the only element that can change your voice?

no, hydrogen can also change your voice because it is also light, but there are compounds such as sulfur hexafluoride which deepens your voice.

Why does helium change your voice?

Helium is lighter than the air we breathe so it tightens the vocal chords.

How do you change the pitch of your voice?

In Imovie HD, you can change the pitch of your voice by selecting audio fx, selecting pitch changer, and changing the slider to whatever selection you choose. However, if you have Imovie '09, the only way to change the pitch of your voice is to speed it up, or slow it down.

Why does helium cause a voice change?

Helium causes a change in the voice because it is a different density than regular air, so when it is in your chest and passes through your vocal cords it vibrates at a different frequency.

What is a voice inflection?

it is a change in pitch or tone

Can helium change your voice forever?

Generally, no but Helium does cause damage to your vocal cords that can result in additional complications if overused.

Can you change your voice without helium?

yes get your vocal cords tightened in surgery

What is the name and chemical formula for the gas that caused the professor voice to change?

It is the element helium, symbol He. The change in sound is because helium is much lighter than air and thus the speed of sound in helium is much faster than the speed of sound in air. This change in the speed of sound retunes the resonant chambers in the vocal tract to a higher frequency, making the voice sound "chirpy" while the helium is present.

Does the medium in which a string vibrates affect its pitch?

Yes, it does. Denser media will produce lower tones, whereas less dense media will produce higher tones. A clear example of this is the change in the pitch of the voice that occurs when people speak after inhaling helium. I disagree. The same pitch can be obtained through any type of medium by shortening or lengthing the string to compensate for the density of the medium in which the string resides. I believe your query should be in regard to the tone which is dictated by the medium, the pitch is dictated by the intervention.Of course you could compensate, if the medium did alter the pitch. My question was, does it (all other factors remaining unchanged)? On a Scientific American site a professor stated that it does not. The helium voice is a change of timbre, but the fundamental frequency remains the same. Another scientist told me that the helium voice is not comparable to a vibrating string anyway. Can anyone find an experimental report?

How can you make difference between high pitch and low pitch sounds?

Change your voice idiot.

Why does your voice change when you suck in helium?

Helium causes your vocal cords to tighten up. This makes your voice go up in pitch. Helium is a harmless gas. It is often used in deep sea diving, which makes the aquanauts living in undersea laboratories sound like Donald Duck. Also, it's fun to do at parties to make it seem likes there a mouse around. I did it once and I laughed my butt off. XD

What are some effects of sucking up helium?

Your vocal cords shrink, causing your voice to raise instantly and dramatically in pitch.

What is a good catch phrase for helium?

helium helium makes your voice squeaky helium helium is extremely awesomely cheap!

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