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it itches the lining of your stomach?????????????

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Q: Why does indigestion become so feirce?
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How do we treat the symptoms of indigestion?

Indigestion is caused by an excess of stomach acid - causing 'Heart Burn.' Anti-indigestion tablets or liquids are used to neutralise the acid, and so relieve the symptoms of indigestion. There are many over the counter medicines that can be used. If the indigestion persists for several days, it could indicate something more serious. Possibly an ulcer - so see your doctor.

How strong is the acid left in your stomach after taking an indigestion tablet?

Weak because the indigestion is the acid rising and hurting a sensative part of you stomach, so the indigestion tablet weakens the acid so that the acid isn't dissolving and causing pain to your stomach.

Is heartburn indigestion?

yes.It is a form of indigestion.

How can indigestion be helped by using Neutralisation?

The acid inside you stomach builds up, creating indigestion, but taking an antacid, which is an alkali, so it neutralises the acid.

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also know as indigestion

Also known as indigestion?

also know as indigestion

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Are ingejestion tablets a acid or alkaline?

indigestion tablets are alkaline. this is because indigestion is caused by the acids in your stomach not 'behaving' so if you add alkaline to it then the acid will be cancelled out.

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