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Are ingejestion tablets a acid or alkaline?


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indigestion tablets are alkaline. this is because indigestion is caused by the acids in your stomach not 'behaving' so if you add alkaline to it then the acid will be cancelled out.


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The are alkaline, since they are used to diffuse the acid that's inside ur stomach

Indigestion tablets have a range on alcalines in to neutralize the stomach acid. The main alkaline used is calcium carbonate otherwise know as lime stone.

Chillies are Alkaline NOT Acid !!!

Indegestion is caused when stamach acid escapes into the body. Indegestion tablets (alkaline) neutralise the acid, making it less painful.

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On an alkaline diet us tunaq fish alkaline or acid

any alkaline including soap, indergestion tablets or even a mint

Copper is a metal, not a compound acid or alkaline.

Paraffin is neither acid nor alkaline.

No, Acid is better than Alkaline, as Alkaline is much more harmful.

In nature, something is either Alkaline, or Acid. Acid is treated with Alkaline, Alkaline is treated with Acid. Bee stings are Acid, therefore are treated with Alkaline. Wasps are Alkaline animals, and that is why they are treated with acid. Not all acids are dangerous you know ^_^

Most heartburn tablets use Calcium Carbonate which is slightly alkaline (basic) to neutralize stomach acid. Brands such as "Tums" and "Rolaids" use calcium carbonate.Other heartburn tablets (such as "Pepcid") use Famatodine, which is essentially an antihistamine which helps to block the production of stomach acid.

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It is alkaline. it is used for controlling acid reflux in body.

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No, an acid is an acid and an alkaline is alkaline. They are essentially opposites and will react with one another. The product depends on the specific reactants

Antacid tablets are alkaline that take part in neutralisation reactions in the stomach if it is too acidic. It acts like bicarbonate of soda (which people take when having an upset stomach). What happens is that when your stomach is highly ionised, the alkaline reacts with the acid in the stomach (HCl) to higher the pH.

Indejestion tablets contain alkaline to clear the excess acid in your body (Low PH alkaline's clean objects without damaging the surface, alkalis can be extremely dangerous and if the alkaline is too high on the PH scale it can damage things like your skin or tile-like surfaces). Alkalis mixed with acid makes it a neutral substance for example: water. If you use a universal indicator you can accurately measure what PH it is.

It is alkaline because it is used to help neutralise the acid produced by the stomach.

Phenolphthalein is pinkish/purple in alkaline and clear in acid.

Acid. It has citric acid in.

yes toothpaste is an alkaline because the alkaline overpowers the acid in the toothpaste

Soap is slightly alkaline.

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