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Q: Why does ionisation energy of nitrogen is greater than oxygen?
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Why is it that the nitrogen have greater amount than oxygen?

nitrogen is lighter than oxygen

Which element has the greater bond energy oxygen or notrogen?

Oxygen has the greater bond energy.

Why During combustion in air carbon sulfur and other non metals combines with oxygen not with nitrogen which is about 78 percent?

The bond between the two atoms in a nitrogen molecule is much stronger than the bond between the two atoms in an oxygen molecule. Therefore, the free energy change driving a reaction with oxygen is usually greater for reaction with oxygen, and the activation energy barrier is always lower, allowing the reaction with oxygen to proceed more rapidly, despite the greater concentration of nitrogen.

What is an element that is 3 times greater than the oxygen?


Which element has the greater bond energy Oxygen or Nitrogen?

The bond between nitrogen atoms in an N2 molecule is stronger than the bond between oxygen atoms in an O2 molecule. However, bond energies for the same atom vary with formulas of compounds, so that there is no answer to this question that is correct for every compound of these two elements.

What does not travel through matter?

Energy nitrogen and oxygen

What element has the largest first ionization energy Oxygen Boron Nitrogen or Carbon?


Does nitrogen have a higher bond energy than oxygen?


What gases that comprise the greater percentage of air?

Nitrogen, N2 and oxygen, O2

Is the average kinetic energy per molecule the same for oxygen and nitrogen molecules in air at a given temperature?

Oxygen and nitrogen have equal average kinetic energy per molecule at room temperature. This is assuming that both oxygen and nitrogen molecules are in fact at room temperature.

Why the first ionisation energy of O is less than that of N?

oxygen is more electronegative and so it wants the electron more than N

Why is the ionization energy of oxygen less than that of nitrogen even if oxygen is to the right hand side of nitrogen?

half filled P orbitals increase the stability resulting in higher ionization energy