Why does it seem so difficult for some dog breeders to provide the new owners with their Purebred Dog Certificate of Registration papers?

what do u mean difficult? are u asking why they dont want to? i have not heard of that certificate before actually. is there another name for it? like akc papers or ckc? some breeders buy a dog then another and breed them wanting to get the breed out because they belive the dogs are wonderful pets. not buying them TO BREED THEM but because they like the breed. since the dogs werent going to be "breeders" they dont ask for the dogs background-family tree,akc papers ect so they dont have the info to give to u. any person that does breed though should EXPECT the ? of purity to be the first question when someone calls about the puppies and should knw the answer. When you purchase a purebred puppy from a breeder, a CKC OR AKC mircochip has to be implanted or a CKC OR AKC tatoo, prior to the dog leaving the breeders premises and prior to you receiving possession of this dog by the breeder/seller. Look at your purchase contract and your Kennel Club contract. Generally most Breeders have 6 months from the date of sale to provide you with your "Purebred Dog Certificate of Registration." If you have not received your Registration by then, CONTACT the C.K.C. OR THE A.K.C. REGULATORY DIVISION. In accodance with most Club's By-laws and the Animal Pedigree Act, the seller is responsible for providing a duly transferred certificate of registration to the purchaser within six months after the date of sale. If, however, there is a written conditional agreement that has to be met before the certificate of registration is provided (For an example if you signed a NON BREEDING AGREEMENT)the seller is not obligated to provide the certificate of registration until the conditional agreement is complied with. Once the conditional agreement is met the seller then has six months from that date to provide the certificate of registration. Most breeders do not wait that long, to provide you with your papers. If you signed a non breeding agreement and have forward your certificate of Castration to the breeder, generally they will send you your certificate. However, some breeders for some unknown reason like to make life difficult. If you have any problems with a breeder you should contact the kennel clubs regulatory department and lodge a formal complaint.