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This is because the water is hotter in New Orleans than in Denver.

ans2. The Q should have concerned the cookingtime, not the boiling time. Because of the higher altitude, the water will boil sooner at Denver than at New Orleans, but at a lower temperature.

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Q: Why does it take more time to boil pasta in Denver than in New Orleans?
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Would you weigh more in Denver or New Orleans?

You would weigh more in New Orleans. It is closer to sea level than Denver.

Why is more time required to boil pasta in some places?

Water boils at different temperatures depending on the altitude. At higher elevations water will boil at a lower temperature. Since water will not get hotter than it's boiling point it will take longer to cook pasta at higher altitudes.

How long to boil fresh egg noodle pasta?

Barilla's website tells people to boil their angal hair pasta for 8 mins for al dente, 1 more minute for softer pasta. God bless. Mike

Which has more total carbohydrates pasta or potatoes?

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Can you cook a good meal with just pasta and no meat?

Yes. You can make a pasta and vegetable stir fry. Just chop up some veges, saute them, boil some pasta, throw them together with some sauces and Voila! there you go! More information: There are many excellent meatless pasta dishes, usually incorporating cheese or other dairy product for protein. Macaroni-and-cheese is just one example.

Why does it take so long to boil pasta?

There are basically two reasons for boiling (simmering) homemade pasta sauce for an hour. The longer the sauce cooks, the thicker it will be. Also, simmering for longer periods of time will allow the flavors to "marry," creating a better tasting sauce. Many recipes specify simmering pasta sauces for even longer; two hours or more.

Why more time is required to boil pasta in denverand Colorado than in new Orleans and Louisiana?

The boiling point of any substance, including water, is dependent on two things, the temperature and the pressure. Water will boil if the temperature is high enough, or if the pressure is low enough. Colorado is at a higher altitude than Louisiana, so there is less air pressure in Colorado. The lower pressure in Colorado means that not as high of a temperature is required to bring water to a boil than in Louisiana. (New Orleans is in Louisiana, so they can be treated as the same place in this case). The result is that boiling point of water in Louisiana is about 212 degrees Fahrenheit, while it is about 202 degrees Fahrenheit in Colorado. Notice that the water in Colorado is boiling at a lower temperature. More time is require to cook it because the water that it is being cooked in is not as hot as the boiling water in Louisiana.

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A spiral pasta is more commonly known as rotini pasta. The pasta is twisted or screw shaped and ideal for hearty meats and sauces.

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How long does dried pasta stand in sauce before it's cooked?

It depends on the size and type of pasta. Orzo and angel hair need about 6 minutes or a little more. Thicker pastas need 10 - 12 minutes, or longer. Take out a piece to taste it and test the doneness.

Why is wholemeal pasta better than white pasta?

Because its more wholesome

What size of pot do you use when your cooking pasta?

depends on how much pasta you want, less pasta smaller pot, more pasta the bigger the pot....easy concept