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Wikianswers is not an automated service, it is Wikianswers' users that answer the questions. There's absolutely no guarantee a question will be answered fast or even at all.


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Some common problems with WikiAnswers are that new questions take a long time to get answered, and answers are sometimes short and unhelpful. WikiAnswers tries to solve these problems by holding contests and Answerthons, but there are still many unanswered questions. Check out the related questions below for some tips on getting your questions answered on WikiAnswers.

The WikiAnswers team can take an indefinite amount of time to erase useless or incomplete answers. Questions on WikiAnswers are answered by users of the website, not necessarily staff members. If you see a useless answer, remove it or flag it so that other users can see that the answer needs to be improved.

It depends on the subject matter. Some questions are answered within minutes, others may never have a valid answer - but there are people here 24/7 who do their best to get to as many questions as possible. According to this question's history, it was answered 37 minutes after you submitted it.

There are a lot of questions asked and answered a day, sometimes it'll be a while before it is answered, however, we do our best to answer all questions in a certain amount of time hence all the programs WA has to offer.

New questions on WikiAnswers do take a long time to get answered, but I wouldn't say that it's the worst place to look up answers. WikiAnswers works great for finding answers to common questions, and it does a good job of answering questions when you know ask right. Check out the related questions below for some ways to get better answers on WikiAnswers.

Because they have to go to Wikipedia to answer the questions.

Questions with no value on Wikianswers are questions that are not needed to be asked and simply waste time and space on this website. If you think you have a good question that ends up here when you ask it, E-mail Wikianswers directly and they'll take care of it.

This questions needs to be rephrased in order for it ti be answered.

Of course WikiAnswers does. the only thing in here is questions. if WikiAnswers didn't take questions, why would you be typing one?

The time varies. As you can see, there are plenty of unanswered questions. Easy to answer/obvious questions are usually answered quickly. Good questions are easy to comprehend and therefore are usually answered by someone looking through the questions in a category. Categorization is very important, because it allow the right people to see the question.

WikiAnswers does not provide statistics on how many questions have been asked, but they do provide statistics on how many questions have been answered, so we will use that number.As of 3/4/12 there are 15,338,154 answers.Assuming that questions take an average of 4 questions to read:(15,338,154) * (4) = 61,352,616 seconds.Minutes: 1,022,543,000,000,000,000Hours: 17,042,000,000,000,000Days: 710,000,000,000,000

Sometimes questions go weeks without being answered. Not all questions are created equal... Be sure that you asked your question as effectively as possible. Questions with no spelling mistakes, correct grammar, and a clear point tend to get answered quicker. Also, questions in niche topics tend to take longer to be answered since they require someone with the right kind of experience to answer them.

You might be doing an unanswered question search, or maybe we don't have an answer for your question yet. Often questions will be answered quickly, but sometimes, especially for questions that take a lot of research or thought, the answer can take longer. Sometimes looking in the appropriate category for questions that are already answered will help.

No one answers your questions because they don't feel like searching the entire WikiAnswers just to answer your question. There are a lot of questions here on Wiki and it will take a long time for them all to be answered.

As long as it takes you to be 15 years old, answer 10 questions, make 15 edits and ask 3 questions, if you know the answer or not.

The people who answer questions on this site VOLUNTEER to answer questions. There are only a handfull of people with the knowledge in each topic area needed to answer most of the questions. This, of course takes time as these people do not work for Wiki, nor are paid but do it for the general good and the love of knowledge. How quickly a question is answered depends on how stupid the question is, how many times the same question has been answered and how well-worded the question is. It also depends on if the question can be answered based on the information given in the question. Often, questions can be ambiguous or unclear and as such can not be answered. In addition to the above, WikiAnswers is not designed to do peoples homework for them and as such, homework-type questions are usually ignored unless they would provide some usefulness to everyone else.

It is the goal of answers to questions answered as quickly as possibly, ideally within an hour.

the questions take a longer time to be answered the questions take a longer time to be answered

This answer varies. People who have accounts here on WikiAnswers can view recently asked questions, and answer them for trust points. So it all depends, really.

It would be hard to tell. New questions are constantly being asked while questions are being answered. We can help to answer more of them.

Well it depends on what the question is. If it is something someone knows and they are using the site when the question is posted then an answer could come fairly quickly. If the question is complex it may require some thought and research, so this would take some time.

Many questions don't get answered or take a long time to answer because they are poorly formed questions or have spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes that make them hard to understand. If your question is well formed it will have a better chance of being answered

There are several reasons why your question may not be answered. * If your question is complex it may take some time to answer it. * If your question is poorly worded or does not contain enough information, it is unlikely to be answered. * WikiAnswers volunteers cannot possibly address all the thousands of questions that can come in daily.

You have to remember that WikiAnswers gets the answers to your questions through contributors, like yourself. So it depends really on when the contributors are on, and who sees your question. If there are plenty of people who know the answer the more likely it would be answered more quickly. Like if it is a not much asked question that probably not many people know off hand, it can take time for a contributor to research the question the find the answer. But it also depends what time of day it is for a contributor.

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