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You have to take into account that the body on an E-series completely surrounds an engine. Unlike a truck or a car, where you raise the hood and expose most of the engine, a full size van body covers most of the engine. Even with the "dog house" cover removed from the inside, and the hood open, only a small amount of engine is exposed. The top of the engine, where the spark plugs are accessed, is still completely covered by the body of the van. Add to that, the fact that each spark plug is covered individually by a coil that is held down with a very tiny screw that is very difficult to access due to the fuel rails, wiring harnesses, and hoses, and you have a very time consuming, tedious, and difficult adventure ahead of you. Even with the coils out, the spark plugs are located about 4 inches down inside of a spark plug well, that requires a special socket to access, with barely enough room above the engine to fish the socket down into the hole, and back out. Of the available engines for that vehicle, only the V-6, 4.2 liter engine is easier to replace the plugs on, but it still has an increased level of difficulty over a truck as well.

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Q: Why does it take so long to change spark plugs in a 2000 E-150 4.6L and are all Ford engines this size as difficult?
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