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Why does k represent the number 1000?

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I believe in latin "kilo" means 1000, k is short for kilo.

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What number is 1000 k?

k is used to represent 1000, from the latin "kilo". However, it is also used to represent 1024 ( = 210) in information technology. So, depending on the context, the answer is 1,000,000 or 1,024,000

What number does the capital K represent?

Capital K = kelvin, a unit of temperature 0 K = absolute zero = -273 degrees Celsius Lower-case k = kilo, a prefix meaning 1000 k = kilo = 1000 kilometer = 1000 meters kilogram = 1000 grams kilobyte = 1000 bytes etc....

Why does K represent 1000?

k is the symbol for the metric prefix kilo- which means 1000. For example, 1000 metres = 1 kilometer (1000 m = 1 km)

What number does the prefix kilo-represent?

1000, for instance, a kilometer is 1000 meters.

0.7 kg equals how many g?

Just multiply the number of kg by 1000. Kilo (abbreviated k) means 1000.Just multiply the number of kg by 1000. Kilo (abbreviated k) means 1000.Just multiply the number of kg by 1000. Kilo (abbreviated k) means 1000.Just multiply the number of kg by 1000. Kilo (abbreviated k) means 1000.

What digit must k represent if the number K434K0 is divisible by 36?

K = 8

How do you covert kilometers to meters?

It is very simple. Multiply the kilometers with 1000 you will get the wxact number of meters. Here is an example. 2 Km= 2*1000=2000 meter It is very simple , Alphabet "K" represent 1000 value, so when every you have any unit in "K" that means multiply with 1000. Another example here if unit is Kg, this means Kilo gram and 1kg means 1*1000(k) g (gram)= 1000 g(gram), so you simply need to multiply by 1000 to replace K, what ever second unit is gram, meter etc

What is 1000 in the Greek number system?

khilia silent k

Does the letter k represent 1000?

In Finance, Accounting or Forex, this symbol (K) means 1.000 units. Just like a kilogramme means 1.000 grammes.

What quantity and unit does the abbreviation K represent?

Quantity K is metric for 1000. For units, it can also refer to Kelvin temperature. It can also refer to Kinetic energy.

Why is K used as in 20K10 or 47K miles on a used car when M is 'thousand' in Roman Numerals?

The general use of "k" to represent 1000 comes from kilo,the SI unit for 1000. Ie 1 kilogram (kg) is 1000 grams.

What does k mean added to a number such as 15k?

It means kilo which is 1000 and 15k is 15*1000 = 15000

What decimal number does the binary number 1000 0000 represent?

The binary number 10000000 represents the decimal 128

What is the minimum number of bits required to represent the decimal 1000?

9 bits

1 km is equal to what?

1000 meters. "k" is short for "kilo", which means 1000.1000 meters. "k" is short for "kilo", which means 1000.1000 meters. "k" is short for "kilo", which means 1000.1000 meters. "k" is short for "kilo", which means 1000.

What does k stand for in 56k?

56k means 56,000 as a number value. "k" is kilo-, metric measurement by "1,000". any number you see with a k behind it, we're talking about (that number) x (1000).

How did the ancient Greeks represent numbers equal or greater than 1000?

The ancien greeks represented the number 1000 as M

Why k for thousand dollars?

The 'K' stands for 'kilo,' as in kilograms. It's derived from Greek.When you put a 'K' after any number, it is multiplied by 1000.

What is the Roman numeral MK?

M = 1000 but there is no current Roman numeral represented by a K, however in the past K was one of the many symbols used to represent 50, later standardised as L. So MK could represent 1050.

What number does giga represent?

kilo 1000mega 1000 000 (million)giga 1000 000 000 (billion)A Giga octet for instance is 1000 Mega octet

What number does K represent in numerals?

1,000 like Km is Kilometre = 1,000 metres

What number does the Roman numeral MLI represent?

M = 1000 L = 50 I = 1 → MLI = 1000 + 50 + 1 = 1051

What K stand for in HPMC K 100 M?

K means 1000 as a multiplier of 1000

How do you describe O and K and A by binary number system?

In order to answer that, it would first be necessary to know the numbers that "O", "K", and "A" represent.

What does 2050 m equals in km?

k, short for "kilo", means 1000. Just divide the number of meters by 1000.

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