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There is a net movement of water out of the cells in the salad, in a process called osmosis. This happens until there is equilibrium in the salad cells and the medium outside.


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Lettuce becomes wilted after being in salty salad dressing for a long time because of osmosis. The water inside the cells of the lettuce leaves and is replaced with the salt in the salad dressing.

The salt draws the water out of the lettuce. it is the water that keeps it crisp.

because the molecules react with each other and i don't know about osmosis.

that is because the lettce starts to soak in all the salt and moisture and make them soggy

Bottle it. However the dressing should be a little salty for it to last.

Lettuce becomes saggy because of the nutrients it absorbs causing it to 'sag'. If the lettuce absorbs more nutrients it will, 'sag'. definition of sag:(To)sink or subside gradually under weight or pressure or through lack of strength: "he sagged against the wall".

This is probably due to osmosis. The leaves have fresh water in them, but the salt in the dressing causes the water from the leaves to enter the dressing. This is because the water is trying to even out the concentration of salt in the dressing and the leaves - hence lots of water is needed in the dressing to reduce the concentration of salt. This means the water from the leaves goes into the dressing, causing the leaves to appear wilted. In theory, rinsing the leaves and leaving them in fresh water should restore them to their unwilted state, but this would take much longer to achieve than the initial wilting.

The salty fish can be found in more than pizza. It's an important ingredient in both Caesar Salad and Salad Nicoise, and found in Green Goddess dressing and dip.

Anchovies taste fishy and very, very salty. They are liked on pizza and used to make real Caesar salad dressing.

To take out the salty taste in your dressing, you can try adding a few pieces of raw but peeled potato to the dressing. The potato will generally draw some of the salt from the dressing and can then be removed.

I don't know how many calories are in that salad. What I do know is that if you're trying to eat less calories, go without the ranch dressing. Ranch dressing is fatty and salty. The salad may taste a little blan, but it is worth in the "game" of weight loss. If you have any other questions or comments regarding this topic, please message me on my message board. Hope this helped, happy New Year! -Thanks

Gougeres are somewhat salty if cheese and mushrooms were used. I suggest a mild, low-salt dish that has a wine sauce. The wine will cut the saltiness of the gougeres and the pastry can be used for the sauce. Perhaps baked boneless chicken with a white wine and lemon sauce. For a salad, I'd make a lettuce wedge with a light olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing.

it travels into the sea which is salty

Looking it up online, I'm finding anywhere between 250 and 350 calories per serving (including dressing)...and 120 without dressing. Oh yeah...and the breadsticks are 140 calories apiece. Seriously, we should all stay away from this place. There's NOTHING HEALTHY there and it's scary. Try making your own salad with more dark, leafy greens than traditional crunchy iceberg lettuce...toss it with a tsp or two of Italian dressing or vinaigrette (like a mustard vinaigrette...mmmm.) Add some sliced tomato and carrots, green peppers, cucumbers, that type of thing...but here's what really makes it good: PINAPPLE, RAISINS, and SUNFLOWER SEEDS. I've even used sliced strawberries. The sweet and salty aspect of this combination is to die for in a salad. I dare you to try it. And it's all healthy...and even filling.

Most unlikely. If sea levels reduce the oceans will become more salty.

I am about to add more potatoes to lessen the salt. Think it will work.

if it has seeds in it,and bananas are a fruit because there seeds are in the peel. in science, plants that have seeds inside are considered a fruit, but if you are making a fruit salad or a vegetable salad, then the vegetables are salty and fruits are sweat.

The water will become salty.

salty water comes in, water evaporates, salt stays.

Did you mean parsley, rather than lettuce? Parsley dipped in salt water is eaten as a rememberance of the salty tears shed by the Israelites (Though they weren't called that then) because of the hardships endured in Egypt.

well, since rocks collect bacteria from the salty sea and the become deformed after a long time

I would normally add a light Italian dressing over it and rebake it for a short time (a little bit over reheating it).

Create another batch of cornbread dressing and divide the too salty batch into two halves and store half and put the new batch with no salt with the other half with salt and mix the two together

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