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It could be a dead battery (if nothing else works), or if the car starts and runs OK, it's probably the fuse.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-21 16:10:50
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Q: Why does light in car not work?
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Can a ae111 corolla indicator light work on a bzr levin?

It's the same car, so yeah the indicator light will work.

If a car is going the speed of light how fast would the headlights of the car be?

Sense you are going the speed of light the lights would not come on but the switch will still work.

What does the car and spanner light mean on the dashboard of your 2005 vauxhall corsa?

{your car requires a service) when the mechanic has completed the work he will re set your warning light.

Is it true police cant stop you for third brake light out?

I believe that any light that is on your car has to work by law.

Why does your speedometer only work when your parking brake light is on?

because your car is broken

How does the night vision mode of the car rear view mirror work?

Infrared light

What lights do you have to have to pass a car inspection?

In most states any installed light has to work. All the lights normally on your car from the factory must work plus any aftermarket safety light such as fog lamps need to be in working order.

Why did my car die after the oil light came on?

When you run your car low on oil you increase the instance of burning your motor. If your motor burned out your car won't work.

How do you replace a rear light bulb on a Vauxhall Corsa?

You have to keep changing the lightbulb almost every week or else the car wont work.. Trust me i have one and i work at a car dealership.

Does a 2003 cts have a functional third brake light?

Yes, but the car must be running for it to work.

Why won't the seat belt warning light work in a car?

The bulb is most likely burnt out.

How is a car light made?

the light from a car comes from a bulb.

How do you get the srs light off in your car?

The light is on because there is a problem with the SRS (Air bags). It is hazardous to work on this system so I suggest you have this repaired by a professional. They will reset the light after the repair.

Why do tail lights not work when brake lights work and you have heard its the light module and where is it located in the car?

The bulb has 2 elements in them one is burnt out

If the third brake light not work will it pass inspection in PA?

No. If it was factory installed and still visible on your car, then the bulbs inside must light up.

How do you reset pit maintenance light for oil change in the navigation display on 2004 infiniti g35?

i tryed on my car it does not work pit light still on

Does it hurt to drive the car when the abs light on?

Well, it won't hurt you, but it might hurt the car. No harm in driving the car but if the need for the ABS to function comes up, it's not going to work.

Service engine light on code reader won't read code any ideas?

Sounds like your ECM, the main computer on your car that receives messages from all of the sensors........ it might not be working. Or maybe the bulb for the engine light on the dash board is out. I'm pretty sure that if the ECM is bad, your car won't work at all. Does your car work at all???

Can any car alarm work on any car?

no any car does not work on any car

Peugeot 806 eng manag light dull and no coil light car wont start then sometimes eng light kicks in full bright and then coil light will come on and the car will start all electronics work fine help?

check the multi connector under the air filter they get water in them and corrode.

If the light pole was not moving how did Mr Jenkins' car get damaged?

The light pole exerted the same force on the car that the car exerted on the light pole.

If you travel at the speed of light in a car and turn your headlights 'ON' What will Happen?

To travel at the speed of light you would have to BE light so i guess you would became an even brighter light The switch to turn on the lights will work but no light will come on as you are already at that speed

How do you get led lights to work on a car?

just change your car bulb,if you want to change your car bulb,i think you can use led car light,but expect headlight,because of brightness,with differernt socekt,you can choose the differernt type.

Why do the car lights turns on but the car don't?

They light up because of the filament in the light

What is a neon light?

a light under a car