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This used to be an article on the that topic: It doesn't exist anymore, but it's still on the Google cache: -DJ Craig ANSWER People are to some extent herd animals. When we are understood by our fellows in the sharing of information or feelings we contribute to their welfare and our own

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Q: Why does man feel the need to express himself?
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What is the meaning to the lyrics of a light and shades?

a man who wanted to express with himself

What does it feel like wen a man fingers himself?

Wen a man fingers him self

What will it feel like wen a man fingers himself?

Wen a man fingers him self

Why does a man say he is a stud?

to make himself feel that he is a really big important man

Which country will a man kill himself and feel annourable?

Japan would kill themselves and feel honorable

How does a man calling a woman ugly make her feel?

Shame on you! How would you like to be called "stupid!" Yes, you do not need to express every idiotic thought especially if you know that it will hurt the other party! Get with it!

What does it mean when a guy says you make me feel like a man?

It means that you make him feel good about himself, you know? its just a good feeling to have for him

What does that make him feel?

Great but sometimes we need to challenge your man.

Why is it that women feel the need to crowd a man?

Women may feel the need to crowd a man because they are all trying to get his attention. A man who looks like he could be a good provider is often going to be more desireable by many women.

Why do you feel you need a boyfriend for attention?

sorry if you feel like that. not everyone does. but if you do, maybe you feel a little insecure, or you don't feel special. you don't need a man to complete you or make you feel special, and you don't have to give in to the pressure to have a boyfriend.

Is the real point of mythology to give man a chance to express himself as larger than he is?

I think it's much like our literature and movies today.

What Does it mean when a woman say you need a man you can feel safe with?

the man can protect you through whatever is going wrong.

What does the quote The less secure a man is the more likely he is to have extreme prejudice mean?

It means the man has to see everyone's weaknesses to make himself feel good.

Mening of man as being for himself?

what is man as a being for himself

What is it that the man who makes it does not need the man who buys it does not use himself and the person who uses it does so without knowing?

a dead mans coffin

What is the 'sadness' that neruda talks of?

the poet feels that man has single mindedly engage himself in the persuit of material advancement amd thus he has feel his life with a void . the poet refers to the sadness of not understanding himself and of being threatend himself with death.

Is it immature for a man not to tell his girl he need time to work things out for himself?

Basically, yes. Because in a mature relationship, both sides recognize that they need to communicate at some level to preserve the partnership, even when they don't really feel like or want to communicate.

What does a serious relationship mean?

When you feel that you have committed yourself to the man and the man has committed himself to you. When you get that comfortable feeling in the relationship and you are talking more about the future with each other then rather by yourself.

What is the name of the film where the man bites himself to express he's in love?

Well, I don't think this is the film you mean. But if you look closely during one of edwards scenes in the first twilight, he bites himself to symbolise their love is forbidden.

Who is hozden swidecoft?

he i the man that started physical theatre. He did not know how to express his feelings very well so he would express himself through physical theatre.

When was The Man Who Folded Himself created?

The Man Who Folded Himself was created in 1973.

When was The Man Who Haunted Himself created?

The Man Who Haunted Himself was created in 1970.

When women say i need a man you i feel safe with what do they mean?

They want to be protected they want a man to stand up for the m to proctect them from harm.

How many pages does The Man Who Folded Himself have?

The Man Who Folded Himself has 148 pages.

What is the duration of The Man Who Cheated Himself?

The duration of The Man Who Cheated Himself is 1.35 hours.