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Q: Why does minato seal kyuubi in naruto?
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Is Minato Namikaze really dead?

when minato was going to seal the kyuubi into naruto the nine tails was going to attack naruto but minato and kushina dont let naruto get attacked so they both get attacked and dead

How did Naruto mother died in Naruto cartoons?

Uzumaki Kushina died not during childbirth when her seal was at it's weakest, not even when Kyuubi's seal was broken by Uchiha Madara and Kyuubi was forced to attack Konoha. (also Madara's fault) I think she died of blood loss, exhaustion, chakra depletion, and she sealed part of herself in Naruto as well. The blood loss was either from giving birth to Naruto or Kyuubi being freed. Exhaustion because she just gave birth and her bijuu was extracted from her, yet she still insisted on helping her husband, Yondaime Hokage Namikaze Minato, seal away Kyuubi. She had him (Minato) distract Kyuubi then tied him (referring to Kyuubi) down with her chakra chains. This, and the fact she had Minato seal some of her chakra inside Naruto as well, probably used up the last of her chakra, and she died.

What jutsu did Minato use to seal kyuubi in Naruto?

Demonic Soul Sealing Technique

Is it possible if minato was sealed inside naruto too?

No. That is slightly far fetched! Minato only sealed kyuubi inside Naruto. Minato himself is dead!

Who Sora and how he gets kyuubi's red chakra?

Sora is a friend of naruto that lived the same lonely and hatred life as him.....he gets kyuubi red chakra when tobi made kyuubi attacked the village.....but when minato seal the kyuubi away there were a lil red chakra left and sora dad or someone else took the chakra and seal it in sora later.

Is Minato stronger then Madara?

Yes Minato Is stronger than Madara! Because when madara attacks konoha with kyuubi by his side, minato defeats madara and seals half of kyuubi inside himself and other half in naruto

Does Naruto's Mom ever met Naruto?

yes naruto meets his mom in the future but that also its her chakra that was sealed in him so that when he tries to control the kyuubi it will be released.his mom tells him the past about how she was the host for kyuubi before naruto and how she and minato sealed the ninetails into him to save the village as well as to stop the traitor who summon ninetails in between the village to destroy it. minato uses the jutsu that was used by 3rd hokage to seal orochimaru.minato seals half the chakra of ninetails into himself and the remaining into newly born naruto. minato and kushina sacrifices their life for naruto and village.

Does Naruto find out who his mother is?

He hadn't yet. Maybe he was told when the focus wasn't on him, but as far as we know, he doesn't know who his mother is. In Naruto Shippuden Manga, he meets his dad (Minato Namikaze/4th Hokage) In his soul where he gives naruto a new seal and suppreses the kyuubi's chakra and then defeats pain afterwards. He meets his mother while trying to control the kyuubi. His mother helps Naruto control the kyuubi and afterwards reveals that she was the last jinchuuriki of the kyuubi. Naruto's mom is named Kushina Uzumaki.

What is Naruto's father's last name?

Hiashi Hyuuga

Is demon fox Naruto stronger than kyuubi Naruto?

Yup. Because of the seal, Naruto doesn't have access to all of Kyuubi power and Kyuubi can easily regenerate all his chakra. He probably has other tricks up his sleeve.

Who sent the kyuubi to konoha?

Prior to Naruto being Kyuubi's jinchuuriki, Naruto's mom, Uzumaki Kushina, was Kyuubi's second jinchuuriki. When Naruto was born the seal grew very weak and Madara managed to break the seal and use the Sharingan to control Kyuubi's mind and force him to attack Konoha. Nobody really sent him, he was freed from his seal but then the Yondaime sealed him into Naruto.

How did naruto meet his mom?

When she and Naruto's father Minato was dying, Minato did not just seal the nine-tails in Naruto, but parts of his own and Kushinas chakra in Naruto, making them able to apear for Naruto once.