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Why does my 1999 Ford Expedition idle rough and stall when engine warms up. Runs fine when cold?

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The most likely cause is a dilution of the fuel/ air mixture caused by a vacumn leak. check for a hissing sound near the top center of the engine.

Most of the time it is an electrical component that fails when it gets hot.

Hey tom its a 1990 pontiact transport van and it starts out fine and as soon as the vehicle warms up it will stall it will start back up but when you put it in gear from park it stall again until cool?

Possible dirty fuel injectors or TPS sensor.

its prob the thermostat i had the same problem with my uncles

Often a knock when cold is caused by piston slap, which is pistons rocking in the cylinders until they expand in size when the engine warms up.

No, warn engine parts will cause loss of oil pressure as the engine warms up, due to expansion betweeen moving parts. Hot oil is thinner.

I would suggest that the Choke is switching off and then the idle is set too low

cold start switch on the side of or on top of the throttle body.

NO, it will not damage the vehicle engine by turning the heater ON before the engine has warmed up fully.

the oil pressure in the engine rises when the truck is warming up causing the light to show, if continues after the truck has been running, change oil and oil pump.

You are burning coolant. What vehicle? did you do a compression test?

Then you need to have code checked, you can diagnose from there.

The preheater warms up the engine so it will start easier and in freezing weather will help to avoid freezing of the coolant.

The valve guides and seals are worn, allowing a mist of oil to be drawn into the combustion chambers when the engine is cold. Once the engine warms up, the valve stems expand, reducing the clearance between them and their guides, effectively cutting off the flow of oil mist. The remedy for this is to have a valve-job performed on the engine.

Does it quit shaking when it warms up? What engine and year of Aerostar?

bad seal/ gasket around fuel injector or intake manifold. as engine warms components expand and form a seal.

1) the engine oil level is low 2) the engine oil is old - making it very thin, especially after the engine warms up. Likely the oil light is doing its job and calling your attention to the level and condition of the engine oil.

A cold engine will often experience trembles due to the inefficiency of engines when not at operating temperatures. This quickly goes away as the engine warms up.

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