Why does my Corsa roll back with engine running in drive on hills at traffic lights?

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Because if it is front she'll drive the gravity pull brings the car backwards also if the car doesn't have a lot of horse power the wheels will tend to roll back but in most all wheel drive cars that doesn't happen
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Why is a 2002 Ranger's engine light on after driving through 2 feet of water if the truck still runs?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nI would guess that the evaporative system portion has been damaged.\nYou need Pull the codes from the computer, match the code to the troubleshooting procedure, follow the procedure to find the source. Repair the source, light will go out if that was the only problem. The ( Full Answer )

How long can you drive with the engine light on?

Answer . \nRED means DEAD do not drive...(Overheating or no oil pressure)\n. \nOrange CHECK ENGINE light is a sensor or code in the emissions system....read up it to fix\n. \n. \n. \n. \nEveryone should have a manual for their vehicle, and a professional shop manual should be available at ( Full Answer )

Why is the engine light coming on in your vauxhall corsa?

If you are referring to the Check Engine Light, then the computer has detected a problem with the emissions system. The emissions system will detect problems between the two oxygen sensors fitted before and after the catylistic converter, on the exhaust. This is a engine type icon. The icon that s ( Full Answer )

Check engine light on after I drive in WHY?

There are pages and pages of things that can cause a check engine light. You need to have it checked with a scantool. Then the code can be diagnosed and repaired.

What is wrong with my 1995 dodge neon that has the check engine light on sometimes it runs ok but when the light flashes it sputters misses and looses power as you go up a hill?

Answer . The computer under the hood is more than likely faulty. I have a 95 Neon (with parts car) and 95 Eclipse. The Eclipse was experiencing the same exact problem. It started out being only an occasional thing, but soon started to happen more often. I took the Computer out of the Eclipse and ( Full Answer )

1993 Acura Vigor has camshaft sensors replaced and after 30 minutes of running the check engine light is back on with the same code engine also cuts back?

had the same problem with my daughters 94 vigor and believe it or not it was the alternator. it was putting one and a half a/c volts in the system and would set the code for crank shaft position sensor and would not run over 3000 rpm as soon as the ck engine lite poped on. replace alt and never a pr ( Full Answer )

Traffic ticket running a red light in California on camera?

I made a right turn on red on Friday, got the ticket in the mail the next day ($381). So in my case, it was a pretty fast response time. Funny, when it comes to getting my tax refund, it takes 6 to 8 weeks, but when I need to pay the state, it's instantaneous.

Oil light stays on after engine running?

Answer . Is the engine tapping when running? If not, check the oil level. If the oil level is at the full mark on the dip stick, then check the oil sending switch. My just need to replace it. Easy fix if that is your problem.

Check engine light on but running fine?

Generally the check engine light will come on when the car is needof a tune up. It may run fine, however, the vehicle should still beinspected.

What do you do if your Frontera Engine overheats when in traffic and coolant runs out?

You should look under your vehicle while its running. If you haven't noticed a puddle of coolant on the drive way, you may have a bad head/gasket. Does the car smoke? If it does, your head gasket is gone. Check your engine oil. If it looks like muddy water on the dipstick, you've got coolant mixed w ( Full Answer )

What can cause the engine to stall at a traffic light?

Dirty air filter. Sensors going bad but not enought to set a code. Low idle speed adjustment on carb. Engine control computer needs a relearn session after battery or connection failure.

How do I fix my 1995 Ford E350 7.3 Turbo diesel- Starts and runs fine But when I get down the road at a certain temperature it starts missing also Engine light came on and it stalls at traffic lights?

Common issues we have ran into have been cam sensor. Some give no warning or set computer codes. They just go bad. Ford will sell you one but you can save money buying one through an International Truck and Bus dealer parts counter. International Corp made/makes Power Stroke Diesels for Ford.. Some ( Full Answer )

Which uses less petrol turning off your engine at traffic lights short queues etc or leaving your engine running?

A good rule of thumb is that it takes as much gas to start your car as it does for the car to run for 3 minutes, in addition your engine takes the most damage from being started as opposed to running continuously. So you should make sure that you're going to be staying where you are for awhile (prob ( Full Answer )

Vw golf Engine cuts out at traffic lights?

Had this problem on a 1.4 se 1996. Seemed to be cured by the fuel idler valve being cleaned out.. Had this problem on a 1.4 se 1996. Seemed to be cured by the fuel idler valve being cleaned out.. Had this problem on a 1.4 se 1996. Seemed to be cured by the fuel idler valve being cleaned out.

Can you drive with Check engine light on?

Yes you can! I drove one of my vehicles for over seven years with that stupid light on, and every time I had it turned off (5 times), within five miles of leaving the mechanics it would come back on. Finally a mechanic told me the timing belt was off a couple of notches, and he was right. It's now f ( Full Answer )

Why is emissions light back on your corsa?

I know this sounds surprising, had an issue with the Opel Corsa C equivalent, a 2002 Holden Barina SRi. The emission light came on after a stall and stayed on. It was just after a re-fill of the petrol tank. I turned off the engine, removed the petrol cap and re-sealed it and the light went off and ( Full Answer )

How much does it cost to run a set of traffic lights?

Depending on the area and economy, a traffic light system couldcost a city an average of $250,000 to $500,000 in tax dollars. Thenyou have the electric bills and routine maintenance costs of about$8,000 a year.

How do you fit an engine in the back of a vauxhall corsa car?

You'll need to custom build a chassis and then adapt a Corsa body to fit on top - the drivechain, gearbox and so on will all need to be replaced too. It could be done, but it'd be a major project far in advance of anything most amateur and even mechanical mechanics could manage.

If stopped on a hill how can you start moving without rolling back?

if it is straight gear use the toe and heel approach left foot on clutch right toes on gad right heel on brake works--- if you have a manual transmission vehicle, partly engage the clutch before you take your right foot off the brake. put on the parking brake whenever nesesary to keep from rollin ( Full Answer )

Should Battery light on when engine running?

No; this should not be happening. Take your car into a local auto parts store and have them test your battery and alternator. . Paul . Tuff Play - Your Playground Provider

Can you drive through when the traffic light is yellow?

Traffic laws vary of course. In places where there is a solid yellow light, indicating that it will soon be red meaning stop, generally you can enter the intersection while it is yellow. The core idea is, "stop if safe to do so." If you could have stopped, but instead accelerate to make it thro ( Full Answer )

How long do you run engine before you drive it?

You run it until the engine reaches normal operating temperature on the temperature gauge this way the oils viscosity will be correct. on colder days you need to run it longer.

Is it safe to drive with the engine light on?

If the check engine light is on steady you should have it checked as soon as possible to avoid costly repairs, it may be a minor problem, however if the check engine light is flashing, have it checked immediately! If you continue to drive with the check engine flashing you risk catastrophic damage t ( Full Answer )

How do you stop rolling back on a hill in automatic car?

Use the brake or the emergency brake. You could also give just the right amount of gas to make the car stay put but that's a lot of work. Or you could put a log or something sturdy behind the wheels Left foot on brake pedal, right foot on accelerator pedal