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Why does my alternator sounds like a pigeon?

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obviously the reason for this is so that:

- you would ask that exact question on

- I would read the question

- Reading the question would result in me LMAOing, after one of the crappest days I've had in a long time


2007-08-28 08:35:49
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All cats can have different sounds when they purr from loud purring that sounds like a locomotive to sounding like a pigeon. Cats have muscles in their voice box that vibrate to cause the purring sounds and most cats purr when happy.

What sounds does a Victoria Crowned Pigeon make?

The Victoria Crowned Pigeon makes hooting and whooping sounds.

Why would a car cut off while driving?

sounds like your alternator..

Why do Light flicker when trucks running?

Sounds like the regulator in the alternator is going out.

When you hit the gas the lights get dimmer?

Sounds like the belt on the alternator is slipping.

What can make a car battery die when running?

It sounds like the alternator is bad. If the alternator is bad the battery will not hold charge when running

Which actor's name sounds like bird's name?

Steven Seagal (sounds like seagull). Walter Pidgeon (pigeon), George Segal (seagull) Russel Crowe (crow)

After removing either jumper cable from battery the car dies?

Sounds like alternator is out.

Sounds like squeal when driving only from engine?

Sounds like alternator is going bad even though it still may still hold a charge

Can a burned out fuse cause the battery light to stay on?

sounds like you lost an alternator belt

Why is my car making light squeaky sounds?

depends on where the "squeaky sounds" are coming from. something could be loose, such as a hinge or something. if it screams like a banshee, then its the alternator belt, or the alternator itself. it all just depends on where its coming from

Battery light on in a 98 caviler?

Need to check the charging system. sounds like a bad alternator.

Why does a 1992 Lincoln town car sounds like it wants to cut off?


Why does my car's battery die when i am idled?

Sounds like it could be a bad alternator, but I can't be sure based only on the question. Can also be a loose alternator drive belt.

Why is a 2000 Chrysler lxi making a screeching noise when you turn on the headlights on?

It sounds like the alternator belt is slipping with the high electrical load. Tighten or replace the alternator belt.

Why does my Car stall when i turn on the headlights?

sounds like your alternator starting tell you something... you can buy new alternator, get your old unit reconditioned or buy a second hand one

Why would the battery light flicker when accelerating to 3000 rpm?

Sounds like the brushes are worn down in the alternator.

You want to know if the hen pigeon make sound like the cock pigeon Who make the sound is it the hen pigeon or the cock pigeon?

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How do you pronounce pidgin?

Pidgin is an instant messaging client. It is pronounced "pigeon" - pij-uhn. The pij part sounds like the idge in Ridge.

Slow starting sometimes and a wining sound when you start it sounds like it is in front of your 96 Chevrolet surburban?

sounds like the belt on alternator needs replacing/adjusting which means it ain't spinning the alternator rite so it doesnt "charge the battery and supply power for vehicle hence the slow starting

Sound of pigeon?

Pigeons and doves make cooing sounds, varying by species.

99 Toyota corolla wont start but clicks?

Check your alternator and if that isn't it (but sounds like it) take a look at your starter.

4-cylinder 99 tercel starts the stalls starts again and stalls then the battery is dead?

It sounds like your alternator is no longer recharging your battery. You probably need a new alternator.

Why would the battery in your 1992 Thunderbird not be charging?

If the battey is dead it won't charge. But it sounds like the alternator is bad. If you're sure tha battery is good then it has to be alternator, wiring, connectors or switch.

Your 92 eldorado starts to choke out when you turn your lights on?

Sounds like it could be low voltage Battery charged? Alternator working?