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Why does my car stall going uphill spews white smoke runs ragged then recovers after replacing fuel filter fuel pump and mass air sensor?



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The white smoke deetermines that you probably have a leaky head gasket then while going up hill the moter and trans are under heavy load. the motor cant handle the heavy load because most of your compression is being lost threw the broken or cracked head gasket.if your oil looks like choclate milk you have problems. itmeans your coolant is going into your moter. also check to see if your coolant is foamy. do this by 1st removing your radiator cap then starting your car.(careful not to get burned after warm up) if the antifreeze is foamy your oil is going into your coolant. how ever after replacing the parts you did it sounds like you are fine you were just running to rich with fuel that is regulated by these items you installed, running rich will cause exhaust to blow black or gray smoke it can cause damage to the cadalac converter. do check to be sure that running rich didnt get any fuel in to the oil by smelling if so flush immediatly.and check again fuel can sometimes get to the oil by bad rings.