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if your'e saying it flicks and swings wildly side to side, you cat is angry or it wants something. if its outside and their tail flicks, it sees something it wants to hunt cats have different emotions :D

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How are Manx cats different from all other cats?

Many Manx cats are tailless -- their tail is very short or missing. The wild cat called a "bobcat" also has a relatively short tail, but the Manx is significantly shorter.

What wild cat does not have a tail?

All wild cats have tails but the bobcat and the lynx have very short (bobbed) tails.

What do wild and domestic cats have in common?

They each have whiskers a tail and they are cats just wild cats are bigger. they both hunt other animals, domestic cats hunt mice and birds. All cats are carnivores and need meat as their diet. It is like the comparison between dogs and wolves.

Are bobtail cats the same as bob cats?

No. Bobtail cats are a breed that are born with a very short tail. Bobcats are wild cats, members of the Lynx genus. They also have short tails, but are a different species to domestic bobtailed cats.

Is there a bone in a cats tail?

yes there are 14 bones in a cats tail

What are the cats that live in the wild?

wild cats

What is wrong with pulling a cats tail?

it can break the tail. A cats tail also has very sensitive nerves

What wild cats are related to pet cats?

all of the wild cats

Do cats have 5 legs?

No, cats do not have 5 legs. Cats have 4 legs; if you call a cat's tail a leg, it's still a tail. Cats do not have 5 legs, they have 4. A tail is not a leg.

Why does a cats tail point at the end?

A cats tail is in fact an extension of its spine...thats why.

Why are cats tails and kangaroos tails different?

the cats tail is shorter then a kangaroo's tail

Are wild cats as fastidious as house cats about stool?

yes wild cats are as fastidious as house cats

What bone is in a cats tail?

a tail bone

What are the different cats?

there is your grandmas cat and wild cats there is your grandmas cat and wild cats

Are there more wild cats then pet cats?

Yes wild cats are more common.

Do cats lose balance if they lose their tail?

Manx cats do not have a tail and seem to do okay. But even manx cats seem to stumble here and there. the tail helps in a way.

What wild cats have no tails?

There is no such thing. I'm an eleven year old, and even I know this! Some wild cats have small stubs for tails, such as the Lynx, AKA Jungle Cat.If you pass by a tail-less cat, they may have been injured.

What eats the bridled nail-tail wallaby that is an omnivore too?

No omnivores are predators of the bridled nail-tail wallaby. Foxes, feral cats and wild dogs are the greatest threat to the bridled nail-tail wallaby.

Why do cats have fangs?

Cats have fangs because domestic cats were bred out of wild cats. Wild cats hunt and their fangs help them do it.

What if your cats tail is bothering her?

Check her for fleas, they tend to congregate around the base of the cats tail.

How are cats compared to wild cats?

Well, they both hve the same characteristics. It depends if you mean just wild cats or like wild wild cats like lions and tigers and stuff. Just wild cats are about a quarter of a metre longer and wild cats like lions and stuff are way larger and stronger. Does that answer your question?

Which cats are bigger than wild cats?

The wild cats are the biggest cats. The biggest type of wild cat is the Siberian Tiger. Which is the biggest also of all the tigers.

Why are they named wild cats?

Wild cats are non-domesticated felines that live in the wild. There are 36 species of wild cat. Such animals as lions, tigers, jaguars, cheetahs, etc. are wild cats.

When you pet a cats tail does it feel it?

I think so because when i pet my cats tail it moves it towards me.

How come dogs act like cats and cats act like dogs?

They don't.. Dogs act like dogs and cats act like cats.

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