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It may be in the main cold water shutoff or if you have a water pressure reducer it may be in the reducer manifold

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How do you get cold water and hot water?

Water steams up by the weather. water doesn't steam up and go hot in countries like Antarctica and other cold countries. Like with human bodies, in horrendous weather you are cold and in extremely hot weather you are warm. Basically: Water depends on the weather.

What causes a popping noise from the front end while backing up when weather is cold?

One cause of a popping noise from the front end while backing up in cold weather is the drive shaft. A mechanic can help find the problem.

What is the impact on lobster framing?

cold water and cold weather .

When you go water skiing does it have to be hot or cold?

You would want to go water skiing when the weather is hot.In really cold weather you can go skiing on the snow.

What do red eared sliders do in cold weather?

If they get cold they will become sluggish and if the water is too cold they will die

Why does gasoline shrink in cold weather?

Most materials shrink in cold weather and expand in hot weather because the molecules slow down when cold The most notable exception, of course, is water, which expands as it freezes.

Why did my 2004 suzuki Verona wheel bearing stop making noise it was doing it for about 2 weeks then stopped it hasen't made any noise for about 3 weeks?

changes in temperature and weather can cause noise was it cold when noise started and warmer when it stopped??

Why does a dandelion shrivel up in cold water?

It does that because, it is cold weather and the dandelion is a summer plant

What are some differences between weather in the savanna and the water in savanna?

the savanna is a hot place with lots of water the difference between the savanna weather and the savanna water is that, the water in the savanna is cold. The weather in savanna is hot

Is a head cold associated with ear ringing?

A head cold can sometimes be associated with ear ringing because it can cause Eustachian tube dysfunction, which usually has ringing as a side effect. However, if it persists past a cold, a doctor should check it since it could be tinnitus or something else serious.

The cause of the whining noise in the front end of your 2004 supercharged Monte Carlo especially during cold weather?

The cause of the whining noise in the front end of a 2004 supercharged Monte Carlo, especially during cold weather, is the idler pulley. This is located at the driver's side of the engine between the alternator and a/c pump.

Does tapeworms live in cold weather?

Yes they live in cold water but they are inactive due to the low temperatures

Why water supply does not freeze in cold?

If the temperature is below freezing a water supply will freeze in the cold weather. The water will not freeze if the temperature is 32 degrees or more.

Can tropical fish live in cold water?

im not to sure weather tropical fishes can live in cold water plz can you help me thnx

Why do water pipes sometimes burst in very cold weather?

Because water expands when it freezes.

What is the purpose of plugging the Ford F350 into an electrical outlet in cold weather?

it is used with a small heater to heat the water in the engine for easier starts in very cold weather

Can cold sores come from cold weather?

Cold sores don't come from cold weather.

Why does your bathroom sink make a tapping noise when it's not on?

something hitting the pipe, hot water pipe touching cold water pipe, or is it burping noise ? a tapping noise is sharp, do you live in an apartment ? is this a house, lot s of causes,

How can you break rocks?

Water and freezing/cold weather can make rocks break. The water makes the rocks break when it goes into the rock cracks. When the weather gets cold/freezing the water expands and the rock breaks. Or with a really good hammer. LOL:P

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