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Why does my fuel pump keep going out on my 1995 chev trk?


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Have you replaced the fuel filter. A clogged fuel filter will burn a pump up.


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Look under the car. By the fuel filter, keep on going. It's right between the transmission and engine connection... It's small and round...

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You have to drop the fuel tank. There are three bolts that keep it on and it's pretty straightforward. The fuel pump is located inside the tank.

You have poor or defective wiring/voltage, dirt or water in the tank, or you are using poor quality replacement parts. These fuel pumps are not prone to trouble.

Your fuel level sending unit is probably going bad. It is in the top of the fuel tank and the fuel tank must be removed to change it.

There's a short in your main line going to your fuel heater.

Check the pressure control unit ( located on the fuel rail ). When this unit no longer gives a consistent pressure read it will "eat" electric fuel pumps.

that means your fuel pump is going bad and is working harder to keep up...replace it soon

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You probably have a shorted wire going to the motor or switch. You'll have trace the wires and find the damaged section.

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More than likely you have a faulty fuel gauge sending unit located inside the fuel tank.

The whining noise is a common sound and problem with all Chevy trucks and suvs. Yes it is the fuel pump and it does not mean the pump is going out. Chevy recommends to keep the fuel tank 1/2 full at all times to keep the electric fuel pump cool. I've installed many NEW fuel pumps and they also whine/ make noise. It is just a common problem. If you are concerned about the fuel pump then you need to check the fuel pressure with a fuel gauge.

the fuel pump is cooled by the fuel around it. keep the tank from going empty, or at least above 1/4 tank.

If all else fails, try a little starting fluid. Sometimes when a vehicle runs out of fuel, sediment and debris is picked up and blocks either the fuel pump pickup screen inside the tank, or alternatively, the fuel filter can become plugged. If you can get it started with the starting fluid but can't keep it going, you might need to clean things out.

I think my SVX fuel pump is going bad.

It sounds like you have a fuel sender problem. Without more info it is hard to say but they are usually accessed on top of the fuel tank and are part of the fuel pump assembly.

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Short in the wiring or the lighter socket is defective.

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